About Us

Our Story:

One of the biggest complaints we hear in our state is: Our young people always leave.

Unfortunately, that’s how our story begins, too. We left. We had to. But, in the back of our minds, we always thought about the day we would hopefully get the chance to return.

Well, today is that day. The “real world” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be — trust us.

This dream of covering the Cowboys began more than a decade ago. It started to become a reality in the fall of 2018. The thought of having more than 20 combined years of award-winning professional journalism, videography, photography and design experience on one staff, made a simple cross-country phone call end in: “Why not? Let’s do it!”

7220sports.com was born.

Why did we decide this was the right time? We feel like media — especially sports journalism — is moving in a different direction. This isn’t breaking news if you have been following the downward trajectory of newspapers over the last decade-plus.

The days of flipping through the local sports section are becoming more obsolete by the day. That breaks our hearts, too.

Sports writing has evolved. It’s not stat-driven, re-hashing of the game you just watched. Now, it thrives on emotion, scene-setting and getting a look behind the brown-and-gold curtain. The way news is being delivered is not simply the written word any more. It’s through video, GIFS, podcasts, and photography. We can do it all. And you, the Wyoming fan, deserves it all.

We also feel like there is a bit of a disconnect between the fans and the media. We want to take you with us, whether it’s the sights and sounds of gameday in Laramie or a mid-September road trip to Tulsa. We want to become a strong online community. A virtual sports bar, if you will.

We want your takes, ideas, and feedback. We want this to be your daily go-to site.  

Our staff — all Wyoming natives, by the way — boasts a pretty impressive resume, filled with plenty of shiny plaques and accolades from around the country. We have claimed journalism and multi-media gold in Wyoming, Michigan, Texas and Colorado. We have covered professional and major Division-I beats, all the way down to the local high school level. We are well-rounded. We have had “sexier” jobs, they say.

But, all along, we have had our eye on one opportunity — this one.

Our company vision is to implement the knowledge we’ve gained over the years and pour every ounce of our talent, energy into top-notch coverage of your Wyoming Cowboys. Equally as important to us is the pride we have in our home state. Corner to corner.

We aren’t leaving again.