Editor's note: 7220sports.com cartoonist, Chad Blakely, busted out this illustration of Fennis Dembo back in early June.

CHEYENNE -- We have a ton of Fennis Dembo coverage on the site for our opening weekend.

And for good reason. He's arguably the best basketball player in University of Wyoming history. His 2,311 career points -- the most in program history -- go a long way in proving that point.

"I just grabbed the rim and pulled myself up," Dembo would tell me about this amazing moment caught by photographers after the Cowboys knocked off Clemson, 62-57, to clinch a berth in the Final Four of the 1986 NIT in New York City.

"I wanted to party with the fans," he continued.

That he did. A flock of brown-and-gold-clad fans made their way to Madison Square Garden, too.

Dembo scored 19 points and pulled down 16 rebounds that night in Laramie. The following season, Dembo helped lead the Pokes all the way to the Sweet 16 after upset victories over Virginia and UCLA.

Would you take a look at this beauty from our cartoonist, Chad Blakely:


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