CHEYENNE -- White men can dunk!

That was the headline on at least three of the dozens of videos on YouTube of Wyoming's Adam Waddell's now infamous 2009 slam dunk.

While the statement is true, landing the jam was another story as you will see in our latest Cowboy Classics cartoon from Chad Blakely:


With 15:00 remaining in the second half of the Cowboys' CBI tilt with Northeastern, Waddell stepped in front of a pass and headed the other way.

He was all alone.

It was showtime.

He took off from just inside the free-throw stripe. With two hands, he hammered it home to put the Pokes within four.

That was the good news.

The bad ... Waddell didn't let go of the rim in time and ended up doing a back flip in mid air before violently crashing down onto the Arena-Auditorium floor.


He rose to his feet and trotted back to the defensive end of the court. Fans who weren't busy picking their jaws up off the floor gave him a standing ovation.

The next morning, everyone in America caught a glimpse of the dunk heard 'round the world. It was played endlessly on every major sports network. It was in magazines. Heck, Waddell himself appeared on the Today Show.