LARAMIE -- If you hear the name Michael Aanonsen, your first reaction might be, "who?"

When someone in Laramie says "Mad Dog," you might think, "Oh, is that the big guy with the woolley mustache who wears shorts even when it's 5 degrees and snowing?"

Yep, that's him.

Mad Dog was the equipment manager for UW athletics for four decades, decking out guys like Randy Welniak, Mitch Donahue, Marcus Harris and Josh Allen, among hundreds and hundreds of other.

Saturday in Laramie, Mad Dog was honored at halftime of the Wyoming-Nevada game. The school named the equipment room after him. They gave him a plaque.

All well deserved. cartoonist, Chad Blakely, once again nailed it with this week's illustration of Wyoming's Mad Dog. The university honored him, we will, too.

Check it out:


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