Whether or not he knew it, when Cincinnati Bengals head coach Zac Taylor called Logan Wilson April 24 to tell him he would be their pick at the top of the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft, he'd instantly gained his team 590,000 new fans. Very vocal fans.

The Cowboy State loves to see University of Wyoming athletes succeed, but that hits a new pitch when it's one of our own. Casper native Wilson has said before he could feel the support of an entire state behind him. The evidence is clear in the reactions on social media Friday night.

Here's just a few, starting with the call:

Tinamarie Sopr Mineard (Facebook) I was hoping for the Chiefs. That being said I am so excited to see yet another Cowboy in the NFL! Congrats Logan! #GoPokes!

Marques Johnson (Facebook)

Jim Fritz (Facebook) Welcome to the Bengals and Ohio!! What an awesome pick and can’t wait to see you play for the Bengals in my time zone!! Love WYO in Ohio!! 7220 all the way!!

Michael Turner (Facebook) A great WYO player to my favorite team!!! Time to buy a new jersey!!!

Lois Hall Kirkwood (Facebook) BENGALS just Drafted the STATE of WYOMING AND LOGAN WILSON!

Victor Cordes (Facebook) Cincinnati just gained 600,000 new fans! Good on ya Logan Wilson. Powder River, Let’r Buck!!!

Tyler Trowbridge (Facebook) I get to make a short drive [from Kentucky] to support Logan Wilson!! That is awesome.

Larry Milbourn (Facebook) Way to go Wyo Cowboy... you've always played with the " Eye of the Tiger " and know you're a Cincinnati Bengal ....way to represent the Cowboy State...look forward to watching you wreak havoc on offenses in the NFL

Mark Williams (Facebook) Cinci just landed a class 'BADASS' linebacker. Well done!! Wyoming is well represented by Logan Wilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Bennett (Facebook) I'm just wondering what will happen when he tries to sack Josh Allen sometime in the future.
Jeff Larson (reply) No doubt in my mind he'll do it! And Josh will get up and slap him on the butt!

Ron Behnke (Facebook) Logan Wilson is a class act! After the Boise win in 2016 my son was waiting for the players to come out of the locker room so he could get autographs. Logan Wilson took his helmet into the locker room and had the entire team sign it. What a great guy!

Eric Ogle (Facebook) "The Governor" deserves it man. When I heard the commentator say that they will look back in 5 years and say that he was the draft pick on 2020, I say he could be one of the best draft picks of all time.....

Mike Leuzinger (Facebook) Long time Bengal FAN and now a Logan Wilson fan, as an Ohio transplant that attended 3 Victories at Laramie last season. Fell in deep as a new fan of the UW Cowboys, and the GREAT atmosphere at the games, also a 4 yr Sheridan resident where we WON another State HS Championship in football. IT IS ALWAYS OK to be , even GOOD to be a Bengal Fan , BUT LOGAN WILL MAKE IT BETTER !!!!!!!

Mary Swirzcki (Facebook) Proud moment especially being Wyoming person thru and thru! Bengal fans now!

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