CHEYENNE — One of the biggest bummers a college football fan can hear is that tailgating won't be allowed this year.

Not as bad as almost missing football altogether, but still.

We'd already been cooking up the idea for this show, and thought now would be an even better time to get it going. Ryan Rogers is a seasoned tailgate cook and professional mixer of the fun kind of drinks at Midtown Tavern in Cheyenne. He wants to share some of his favorite recipes with the folks at home.

That way, even if we can't all tailgate together, at least we'll be eating like kings with our friends and family while watching the game from home.

Each episode will feature a main dish and a new mixed drink for you aspiring master tailgate chefs to try out. Midtown Tavern was kind enough to sponsor us by providing the ingredients and booze, so stop by and check them out if you're in the capital city.

The Wyoming Cowboys face off with the Wolf Pack of the University of Nevada in Reno Oct. 24, so we have an appropriate drink named "the Nevada." We kick off our inaugural episode with a standard — but sometimes tricky — grilling classic, the Juicy Lucy.

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