CHEYENNE -- On this episode of our sports talk show "Happy Hour," we showcase our production upgrades by streaming live from 2 Doors Down restaurant in Cheyenne. Host Cody Tucker breaks down the latest news from University of Wyoming football. Craig Bohl and Co. spent the week dealing with positive COVID-19 cases in the freshmen ranks, an ever-more-interesting quarterback competition and getting ready to play their fall scrimmage (which we wish we were attending).

Speaking of freshmen, our guest today was none other than Cheyenne Central High School's wide receiver and cornerback, Andrew Johnson.

Johnson announced hours before this episode went live his official commitment to the University of Wyoming.

We also discussed the site's move to the subscription model and announce a few new feature video programs coming out in the end of October.

Don't worry, next episode we will make sure to return to a format answering fan questions!

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