LARAMIE -- It was only a matter of time, right?

The fact that it's a wing joint just makes it a perfect fit.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is part of a national advertising campaign for Buffalo Wild Wings, a chain restaurant that specializes in sports and, well, chicken wings.

Buffalo, New York, home of the original Buffalo wing, features some of the best joints in the world: Anchor Bar, Buffalo Wild Kings, Duff's and Bar-Bill Wings, which is apparently Allen's favorite local spot.

(Don't @ me if I didn't mention your favorite, please)

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The commercial first appeared during the Ohio State-Minnesota game back on Aug. 31 on FOX. If you're slow like me, you just saw it today:

Bills fans, no doubt, are having some fun with all of this:

@AntoneNixon is referring to the Bills 34-31 loss Monday night in Nashville. Buffalo decided to go for a 4th-and-1 inside the Titans 5-yard line instead of kick the chip-shot field goal and take the game into overtime. Allen slipped and fell a yard short after taking the snap.

"Overtime" is a popular Buffalo Wild Wings commercial.

OK, maybe some people are actually hurt by this "betrayal."

The debate, however, has already been decided.

We all know which wings the former Wyoming gunslinger really prefers. That's the Laramie food truck Double Dub's wings. Owner Trent Weitzel even made the 22-hour trek to Western New York in 2019 to compete in the National Buffalo Chicken Wing Festival.

Despite getting denied entry the previous five years, one name drop -- Josh Allen -- got Double Dub's in the door.

All the company did after that was win best traditional buffalo wing sauce in the country and earn the new title of "Wing King."

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