The NCAA tournaments for college basketball may be over for the 2020-21 season, but the NBA Playoffs are just getting started. Every basketball fan has a team they root for whether it is at the collegiate or professional level and a recent study showed where Laramie ranks in terms of the best cities for basketball fans.

The study, done by WalletHub, showed cities that either has an NBA team or they have an NCAA Division I school, hence, why a city like Cheyenne is not on the list. But Laramie certainly showed up given the fact that it is the home to the Wyoming Cowboys. Out of 292 cities ranked in the study, Laramie showed up as 149th overall.

While you could look at that as pretty far down on the list from the top, it is also for a city that is in the least populated state and isn't necessarily known as a powerhouse when it comes to basketball like a North Carolina, Duke, Kentucky, Connecticut, etc. That being said, Wyoming's Women's Basketball made an impressive run to the NCAA Tournament this year by winning the Mountain West Conference Tournament, so hats off to them. But honestly, 149th doesn't look as bad as it may seem.

The study took into account factors such as the city's basketball team performance, game ticket prices, and stadium accessibility. It also ranked cities based on their NBA level of fandom, as it did for the NCAA level as well. For NBA, Laramie ranks 28th overall, which seems impressive for a city without an NBA team. Perhaps the NBA fandom in Laramie is quite strong. At the NCAA level, Laramie ranks 135th overall. This all tied into Laramie's overall ranking at 149.

If we take a look at a city like Denver, where the Nuggets reside at the NBA level, they were 17th in terms of NBA fans, and 257th at the NCAA level. Their overall ranking came out to be 17th.

But hey, 149th on the list of 292 isn't so bad. We're not Stephenville, TX, which is home to Tarleton State University and are likely Dallas Maverick fans. Their fan base must be pretty non-existent. Los Angeles, CA finished at the top of the list for the best basketball fans. When you are lucky enough to be home to the Lakers and Clippers at the NBA level and also the UCLA Bruins at the collegiate level, that seems to help out quite a bit. You can check out each city's ranking on the map below.

That being said, whether you may know it or not, it turns out that Laramie's a relatively decent city for basketball fans.

Source: WalletHub

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