LARAMIE -- There are a lot of home basketball games during a season.

Do we want the sweet action shots on the court? You bet. But we also want to highlight what goes on around the Wyoming's beautiful arena.

Lindsay Bugas is on board for hoops season. She has never photographed sports before and, let's be real -- it isn't easy. I found that out the hard way during my four-year stint at the Douglas Budget. It's a skill.

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What's great about Lindsay's eye is that it isn't squarely focused on the play. It's the cheerleaders, the fan with a mouth full of cotton candy, and yes, the "sign guys" in the student section.

The Cowboys are off to a 6-0 start this season. These shots are from the last home game, a 108-59 rout of Hastings College, in which the home team tied an NCAA record, drilling 28 triples. Drake Jeffries added 11 of those on his own and is now the Mountain West's all-time single-game leader in that category.

Jeff Linder's young guns have something special brewing inside the Arena-Auditorium. Maybe the next set of shots will have way less gold seats in the background. It should.

UW vs. Hastings

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