LARAMIE -- You think Colorado State's David Roddy enjoyed his trip to the high plains Monday night?

How about Emmanuel Akot and his Boise State Broncos, who strolled into Laramie Thursday atop the Mountain West Conference standings and on a current 14-game win streak?

I'll give you the short answer -- No.

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Roddy couldn't sink a potential game-winning free throw in regulation Monday night and the Cowboys snuck past their Border War rivals 84-78 in overtime. Akot, a senior who averaged nearly 13 points per game, was held to just a single bucket Thursday night in Wyoming's 72-65 win.

The Cowboys are now 18-3 overall and 7-1 in league play. This team is knocking on the door of the Top 25 and has a real shot at playing deep into March.

There was a few common themes in these last two victories:

Graham Ike.

Hunter Maldonado.




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Those two guys above combined to score a grand total of 100 points. As a team, the Cowboys netted 156.

Now that's what you call complete dominance.

Yes, the supporting cast was vital.

A Drake Jeffries 3-pointer all but buried the Rams. Jeremiah Oden scored 25 in the sweep. Xavier DuSell and a last-second hex might have been responsible for Roddy's short free throw and Brendan Wenzel, Noah Reynolds and Hunter Thompson chipped in with what Jeff Linder likes to call "winning plays."

Even the "Blue Collar Boys" on the bench brought plenty of juice and enthusiasm.

Arguably the biggest factor in the Cowboys climb to the top of the conference standings was the more than 14,000 fans that packed the Arena-Auditorium for both games, despite being on weeknights in the dead of winter.

The Dome of Doom, a moniker this venue hasn't deserved since the 2014-15 season, is back. Wyoming is 10-0 at home and Laramie is once again becoming a nightmare for opposing teams and fans.

"You know, those types of crowds are what allows you to win championships," Linder said after the win over the Broncos. "You have to have that type of energy in the building. I thought they really helped us make some of those winning plays -- those toughness plays -- down the stretch."

As most of you know who are reading this, there is nothing quite as special as this place when times are good.

Times are real good right now.

Check out some photos from our Lindsay Bugas, who really has an eye for the action on and off the court:

Dome of Doom

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