CHEYENNE -- It’s Border War week, which means it’s time to eat the sheep.

Wait. That can’t be right.

Unless you’re talking about Ryan Rogers’ latest tantalizing tailgating culinary masterpiece on this week's episode of Mr. Rogers' Gourmet 'Gating, of course.

Fans at the UW tailgate in Laramie flock to the grill when Rogers is cooking, and since there's no tailgating this season, he decided to bring his gourmet skills straight to our readers to share with their friends and family.

Celebrate the 112th matchup between the Wyoming Cowboys and the Colorado State Rams the right way with some Greek recipes that will make your home tailgate party a sheep-smashing success!

Ingredients list

Here's what you'll need to make everything in this week's episode. Straight from Rogers' cookbook.


Join us next week when we honor the Pokes' faceoff with the Falcons by cooking some bird!

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