LARAMIE -- We like to think outside the box around here.

When we first heard tailgating was canceled our idea was to bring the party to you. A party for your stomach, anyway.

I didn't want to be on camera. Plus, the only thing I have mastered in the culinary world is corned beef and ribeye. Though that would've been amazing, I thought to myself, 'hey, I know a guy.'

Ryan Rogers was the perfect choice for this series. Though I haven't known him a long time, his witty humor and skills on the grill made him my first choice. For years I made it a point to make a pit stop at Ryan's tailgate party. He was always coming up with some new concoction, whether it was with food or booze. Typically both.

Luckily for me, he agreed to be the star of "Mr. Rogers' Gourmet 'Gaiting."

He was a hit, too. He cracked us all up and made us all ask ourselves, 'what exactly is Chef's juice?'

He will have to reveal that secret himself, but let's just say Ryan, along with producer, Kasey Orr, spent numerous Sundays filming and grilling.

I thought of the idea, but Kasey knocked it out of the park, exceeding all expectations on our end. This was a really fun way to interact with Cowboys' fans all over the globe.

My hope is we can do it again next season. And, when this virus eventually gets the hell out of here, hopefully you can go meet Ryan in the flesh. He will no doubt be behind the grill in the War Memorial Stadium parking lot real soon.

Until then, you can also see Ryan at Midtown Tavern in Cheyenne. Try the Pershing Poppers, the Chef's juice and the best ice in the land.

Here are the episodes of Gourmet 'Gaiting.


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