LARAMIE — Calls for everything from the head of Sean Chambers to the job of offensive coordinator Brent Vigen have rung out across Wyoming social media the past month, but Saturday night saw a different energy both on the web and in the stands.

That didn't stop anyone from saying exactly how they felt during Wyoming's outrageous 53-17 blowout at War Memorial.


Fans chant along as the Cowboys pushed on in the first quarter.


Sean Ruskanen (Facebook) Hi from Japan, go pokes!

Kelly Souther (Facebook) I want to be at the game waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! <----rant of the game, shhhh no I already won.

Jackson N Renee Stewart (Facebook) Well Vigen faked em out again to start with 3 runs up the gut. Who’d a thunk it?

Chris Howe (Facebook) It's either a bad snow storm or everyone wearing white in the stadium.

@clytanic13 (Twitter) What!? Points on an opening drive? How does that work? #3&out #GoPokes #GoWyo #fireVigen

@307RicoShea (Twitter) Can I just say the team doesn’t look like they have any fire on Offense. Like oh great here comes the same play call boys.

Manuel Gallegos (Facebook) The camera man seems to be easily fooled. He is all over the place.

@Finnegan_Murphy (Twitter) Why even bother splitting out WRs? What's the point? #GoWyo

Brett Jaeger (Facebook) I think Sean hit the linebacker harder than anything haha

Scott Dorris (Facebook) Who says we need to throw it?

James McNees (Facebook) I am liking the running offense in this game using a full back and tight end in the I. Everyone knows we are going to run the ball on every down so you might as well have the personnel to block it up.

Jeanne Balland Green (Facebook) Liking what I see so far [heart] Go Pokes!

@wyobbfan307 (Twitter) I’d say the wind had something to do with those stats, but.... it is Vigen after



Johnny Davis (Facebook) lol and I thought we were going to pass there for a minute silly me.

Rick Brewer (Facebook) Missed extra point. Ugh!!!!!

Guy Hale (Facebook) But this keeps up the trend of 1 missed kick a game, better one point than 3!

Erich Schlup (Facebook) .... balls

Mary Hopster-Smith (Facebook) Well if you’re gonna pass, let’s do that.

@JarodAntonovich (Twitter) They had been setting that up for 20 minutes

Manuel Gallegos (Facebook) Chambers had nice touch on the that play

@307RicoShea (Twitter) Vigen must have stolen a pen from Applebee’s for taking Notes today.

@granitespartan (Twitter) From an outside observer, Chambers sure has some gumption, folks.

@RyanHemming22 (Twitter) Vigen received a lot of criticism when things go wrong but zero credit when a play like that results in a tuddy. Heck of a call.

Preston Irons (Facebook) Logan Wilson 1st half MVP

Manuel Gallegos (Facebook) Sheridan native Blaine Baker is in. Go get ‘em.

Brad Butler (Facebook) 2 touchdown passes in the first half!

@poke_addict1943 (Twitter) Byrd is a straight up stud kid is an absolute monster.


Cowboys fans were in heaven as the score ran higher and higher.


@j_carter307 (Facebook) First time we’ve seen complementary football from the Pokes this year. Defense forces punts and offense scores. It’s a beautiful thing.

Shawn Farrell (Facebook) If you had told me we’d score 33 at half, I would think you were on crack! Great first half. Keep on the gas

Lance L Grant (Facebook) Whipping them in to submission, Wilson , Byrd, Krall and db's hitting hard

Nathan Hunter (Facebook) The only bad deal has been spilling my beer while cheering!

@poke_addict1943 (Twitter) Keep stomping on that throttle pokes hell of a job!

Guy Hale (Facebook) He doesn't have it, it's moving on the ground under him

James Pulver (Facebook) Playing great for missing a quarter of our starters.

Tom Cox (Facebook) Don't Relax Pokes, double the score!!!

@Abercich (Twitter) Well apparently we have the old Bohl ball lay up after you get a lead. I know we are winning but this gets so frustrating sometimes.


Fan swagger nearly matched that of the Cowboys on the field.


Paige Stewart Farby (Facebook) He always sings...

Rodger McDaniel (Facebook) BLOWOUT

Daphne Lukens-Reed (Facebook) Laradise is on fire tonight!

Kirk Leischner (Facebook) Get 2nd stringers some reps!

Sean Murray (Facebook) I love these Pokes. They are defining "Cowboy tough" this year. Great bounce back this week after last week in Tulsa.

Sean O'Grady (Facebook) Roth has the shanks kicking this year. Two missed extra points tonight. Damn

@kdwright5407 (Twitter) This is the closest to a complete game we've seen so far this year. Hot damn, I like it! #GoPokes!

Marlene Borchert (Facebook) WOW! I was away & come back to this score!!! WOW!

Mary Hopster-Smith (Facebook) Sweet nectar of DEFENSE.

George Roberts (Facebook) Lolol.... Ive gotta drive 2 hrs home tonight!!! It's worth it.

Ross Brezicky (Facebook) Wooo Hooo!!! Awesome victory Pokes!!! Enjoy next week off and then off to California to knock off San Diego State October 12th!!!!

Kyle Wright (Facebook) I love the classiness, but it would have been awesome for our 4th string RB to punch it in after marching it down the field like he did.

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