LARAMIE -- Tisk, tisk.

So many non-believers this week in Cowboy Nation. One gentleman even gave up on the home team the very second Air Force took its first lead of the night with nearly 10 minutes still remaining in regulation.

You'll see his Tweet in a minute, which he later retracted before swallowing an entire black crow, feet first.

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Empathy was the theme for some of you when this season kicked off. That moved right into anger when the Pokes laid an egg in Champaign. Since, Wyoming has rattled off three straight victories, including tonight's 17-14 upset over Front Range rival Air Force.

Don't worry, doubter. You're not alone.

UW was a 15-point underdog coming into this one. Air Force rolled over its first two opponents by a combined score of 89-27. Who could blame you?

Let's take a look at some fan reactions from Wyoming fans across the globe after this one:


David Smith (Facebook) I hope he feels better fast. Kid is special and everything that's right about college football. Cowboy tough

Tim R. Gonzales (Facebook) Got to love his competive drive....How About Those POKES!!!

Scott Hendrickson (Facebook) Almost impossible for anyone to lose that much weight in 24 hours... Come on!!

Shawn Farrell (Facebook) Damn Marquez is a baller! Nice receiver and great on special teams. Can’t not mention 52 York, who is the long snapper who is always down the field quick and making plays!

Darren Thompson (Facebook) Impressed so far! Wonder if AFA will come out once before...ugh

Duane Dearcorn (Facebook) Man it sure is great to see the tough Cowboys of old, discipled so and executing what it takes to get the job done. Win or lose they are playing hard. Go Pokes



Murray Hill (Facebook) Yikes! I think the Falcons found their groove. That was not so good.

Matthew Blaylock (Facebook) The Cowboys have a look tonight on both sides of the ball that I have not seen in a long time. It is a good thing and finally nice to see!!

Brett Jaeger (Facebook) Swen got that DAWG in em

Kelsey Lyn Ketelsen (Facebook) Friday Night Lights, Baby!!! Go Pokes!

Murray Hill (Facebook) Heck of a game, but let's give it up for the Defense! Great game plan, great execution, tough as nails front 4. Awesome win!

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