LARAMIE -- No one can blame you for being so grumpy last month.

You were mad. Craig Bohl was mad. Wyoming players were mad.

The Cowboys' eighth-year head coach said Saturday winning cures a lot of ails. Beating Border War rival Colorado State -- handily -- doesn't hurt one bit, either.

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Let's check out what Wyoming fans from around the globe had to say about the Pokes 31-17 win in the 113th edition of the Border War.

(Spoiler: There weren't many rants from the Cowboy faithful so we borrowed some from our buddies in Fort Collins)



Facebook: Trenton Vonburg So…in the beginning of the 2nd quarter, right after the recognition of the 96 team, we went 96 yards for a TD…

Facebook: Aaron Howe When running up the middle isn’t working it makes sense to run it up the middle again on our own 3 yard line

Facebook: Brieanna Franze Can we please hold on to the ball? Good grief!




Facebook: Jake Phillips I just want to bring attention to the fact that last week people had given up on this team and the entire coaching staff… ready to fire everyone…Time to let our personal feelings go and let players play and coaches coach. We, the fans, need to be fans and support this group win or lose!! GO POKES!!

Facebook: Duane Dearcorn Wow what a breath of fresh air, watching the Pokes play like they are capable of and looking like they were having fun. They found something since last week, and to watch Levi, run like the quarterback from San Jose St, did last week. We now have a confident new threat in the back field. Go Pokes

Facebook: Ron Weltmer Pretty complete game. Congrats to O Line on huge improvement in two weeks. Im the first to complain and criticize and also the first to compliment. Love the effort.

Facebook: Lori Eastman I wonder if Steve Addazio still thinks Wyoming is "another part of the world"?

Facebook: Christopher Paul Wagner Where has this immense talent been the last 4 games….today has been so much fun to watch

Facebook: Marianne Scotty Cochran We recovered our identity in this game beating up the Ewes! Tough running and the beautiful pass completions along with a stingy defense adding interceptions! Playing Cowboy Tough!




Hey, we can't very well call it rants and raves without any rants, right?

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