LARAMIE -- A week after a thrilling 40-37 double-overtime victory over Tulsa, Wyoming has just 133 yards of total offense and three John Hoyland field goals to its credit after one half of football Saturday inside War Memorial Stadium.

It was sloppy. It was maddening. Let's be real, it was boring, at least offensively, until the fourth when the Cowboys reeled off 17 points to pull away for the 33-10 victory over visiting Northern Colorado.

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As always, we heard you loud and clear.

Here are the best rants and raves from a win over the Bears that vaults Wyoming to 2-1 on the season:



Eric Sandberg (Facebook) Like watching paint dry…

Eric Popham (Facebook) Horrible IMO. Should be up by 4 TD's

Jordan Garriott (Facebook) John Hoyland is the MVP of this team.

Murray Hill (Facebook) Nice to see things are back to normal..... I mean, who wants to see dynamic play calling? It's so boring to just get a bunch of first downs....

Kristin McLean (Facebook) Gosh this offense is boring!!!! What a great opportunity to put the ball in the air a little….but nope…we’re gonna keep running up there middle!

Lori Eastman (Facebook) Thank the Sweet Baby Jesus we have Red Shoe

Kevin Shaffer (Facebook) Everyone should check out the csu score (27-0 Middle Tennessee at the half)
Garret VonKrosigk (Facebook) This game is more embarrassing than the Illinois game

Guy Hale (Facebook) I will give mad props to the defense for keeping them at 0 and the INT. They've been awesome.



Bret Bartos (Facebook) To be fair, Northern Colorado gave national power Houston Baptist a real fight last week, losing only 46 to 34. (HBU was winless in 2021)

Ron Weltmer (Facebook) Great game. Youngin’s growing up. I know i am critical, but i gotta say they are really great at finding a way.

Marianne Scotty Cochran (Facebook) If that fake punt didn't wake us up, nothing will! Start hustling, Cowboys!

Scott Baldwin (Facebook) I mean yeah, the way UNC is playing 9 points will probably be enough to win, but would it kill Bohl to be a little bit more creative and do more than be conservative? Quarters like this are microcosm of everything I hate about the Bohl era and why I have no confidence that we will ever be great with him.

Kevin Williams (Facebook) Your Points > Opponent’s Points = W. Which means 33>10 = W. On to Friday night. #GoPokes

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