SAN DIEGO -- Fans got very, very vocal during the hard-fought grinder in San Diego Saturday night. They ranted and they raved, and with all the exhilarating — and heartbreaking — moments during the 26-22 conference loss. Who could blame them?

Did your moment of social media frenzy make this week's cut?



Kirk Leischner (Facebook) Great start except for the false start penalty.

Justin Spicer (Twitter) A safety dance would be nice right about now.

@Komoval (Twitter) Hopefully the week off helped with the passing game. Even a 10% change would really change the offense. #GoWyo

Brandon Blake (Twitter) Now the offensive line completely forgotten how to pass block, fun

Kirk Leischner (Facebook) Moving the chains!

Paul Ogle (Facebook) Chambers needs to go to mlb to throw those heaters

Johnny Davis (Facebook) Passing for more than 6 completions in a game is just showing off anyway

ArrowInYourQuiver (Twitter) The refs just went up 3-0

Wyoming Girl (Twitter) Bend but not break. Gotta quit the stupid penalties tho (or beat the refs calling crap penalties



Brett Jaeger (Facebook) Great separation by Gunnar!

@clytanic13 (Twitter) Logan f’ing Wilson!!!

Aaron Hawks (Facebook) Chambers going beast mode!!!

Travis WebB (Facebook) I love that Chambers has legs. But it also makes me nervous how much we rely on it. I need him to throw a bit more. IMO

@DahlErickson (Twitter) I LOVE Sean Chambers!

Sanda Mayer Burt (Facebook) I’m watching in Houston and you probably heard me yell when we made that touchdown!

Tom Bergstad (Facebook) We're just going to be a deadly play action team. Last two games those plays have been killer.

David Parsons (Facebook) TOUCHDOWN X 2 for Chambers. 2nd one on fourth and goal!

Dave @vinyard6565 (Twitter) That was a big boy football drive

Neil Blake Hokanson (Facebook) That’s another one! Fullbacks and linemen leading the way!

Thad Hunter (Facebook) Stupid, stupid, stupid penalties. Got to knock that off

Kirk Leischner (Facebook) Crap call again, I say keep smashing them.

Eric Cantlin (Facebook) we can't keep allowing them to move on Our penalties



Paul Ogle (Facebook) My offensive playbook in NCAA 14 is a mix between ISO and 5 WR set. I'd like for coach Bohl to bring me on board

Mike Rideout (Facebook) Good that they are up at half, but two big penalties on the defense really hurt

Tom Bergstad (Facebook) Home team reffing

Dan Morris (Facebook) I wonder how many times opposing DC’s say, “Hey, 3rd and 14! They’re running it up the middle!”

Kyle Wright (Twitter) Go Pokes from Afghanistan! 0900 in the morning here.

Aaron Wilhelm (Facebook) So we aren't allowed to complete tackles?

Dave Collins (Facebook) If everything evens out over time, our WR's are going to have 247 consecutive catches with no drops anytime now...

Juicy Sommelier (Twitter) Sean’s a winner but he’s the most frustrating UW QB in years IMO

Shea Foster (Twitter) Vigen better figure something out because this is bad

BrianM (Twitter) Why can’t Wyo receivers make catches like that?

John Feehan (Twitter) Lol they are spying 3 players on Chambers. Throw the ball. Jeesh



James Padget (Twitter) D was solid on that 4th down play. Sometimes they just make a play! Need the O to find its mojo again now!

Daphne Lukens-Reed (Facebook) We need to stop Washington

Jason @WhosJDray (Twitter) Real creativity with the play calling.......

Scott Pendleton (Facebook) Conway being cute....

Sean Ruskanen (Facebook) Hard to move the ball when you plug it up the middle 3 time in a row...

ANT @peydirt18 (Twitter) Now let’s see if we can run something other that Chambers running the football into the center’s butt three times in a row.

Eric Cantlin (Facebook) FINALLY Great PASS!

Fake Wyo Sports (Twitter) Let’s get creative!! Even Air Force is more unpredictable than this.

Dean O. Henson (Twitter) Thanks for the freebie #SDSU we will take a TD pass and the lead #GoPokes

ANT @peydirt18 (Twitter) Amazing how quickly momentum can change in football.

Johnny Davis (Facebook) yikes, blitz just is not getting to him quick enough all game

Wyoming Girl (Twitter) TV seriously playing “Rocket Man”? Rocket man for @rocketismailjr I guess?

Ryan Martinez (Twitter) It's like Tulsa... Except Wyoming could finish this time?

Tyler TT (Twitter) I do not think there is a team in CFB that can play with a person’s emotions as much as the Cardiac Cowboys do. I need medication to make it through the season. I go from ecstatic to sad to irate to indifferent back to joy, then hopelessness and back to ecstatic in 60 minutes.

Paul Ogle (Facebook) Don't get chippy, no flags, unless you're SDSU

Tyler TT (Twitter) Back to pissed. Wow. Ugh

BMF (Twitter) Keep contain and that’s a sack for -10. Instead, TD. Too many mistakes tonight.

Brian Steiner (Facebook) alright boys line up the shots on to next week.

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