Fans were talking. We were listening.

You'd think there would be nothing but praise filling up the comments during Wyoming's 23-10 homecoming win over the University of New Mexico. But the rants and raves were as frothy as ever.

If we're honest, it's to be expected when fans watch a team favored to win by 20-plus points struggle to score most of the game. Although they love a "W," folks wanted to see a UNM that came to Laramie on a 3-game losing streak get obliterated. So when they ended up watching a fairly even fight, you get stuff like this:


Bryan Rucker (Facebook) In the Army and Supporting Wyoming from overseas yet again!! Watching my Pokes play allows me to remember home

@wyobbfan307 (Twitter) Seriously!! WTH is with Vigen and the first down up the gut run???? C’mon man!

Jeremy Burks (Facebook) Well color me shocked we are running right up the middle........ wish we weren’t so predictable

Alex Duvall (Facebook) if i could pick any number ... I'd pick 6

@kristiwyo (Twistter) I love Saturdays- the best armchair quarterbacks in college football show their faces loud and proud! #getoveryourself #notthecoach #nottheqb

@FakeWYOSports (Twitter) My leg hurt there watching Galovich

@wyobbfan307 (Twitter) Ok, so, that could’ve been absolute disaster.... kudos to our punter getting that off! Hope he’s ok! #GoWyo

Dale Leischner (Facebook)  THAT WAS A GREAT PLAY BY THE KICKER

Jon Nichols (Facebook) I wish the utilize some of that speed and speed the field some...

Frank Limón (Facebook) May try run off right tackle, to mix it up.

rants and raves unm edition


Steve Salter (Facebook) Love the way Halliburton squares up and tackles with his arms.

Kelly Souther (Facebook) Haliburton. Beast mode again

Chris Holten (Facebook) RIP 'EM UP! TEAR 'EM UP! GIVE 'EM HELL WYO!!

Linda M Herbst (Facebook) Lobos only 46 yards Wyoming Defense on Fire!

@westydriver86 (Twitter) What if I told you Chambers is still going to get better. #gowyo

Joe Greger (Facebook) lol takes four guys to get Valladay down.

Frank Limón (Facebook) Chop block. Are we playing Air Force?

@PokesThe (Twitter) We really aren't giving Coop an opportunity to get rhythm this year. A run on 3rd down would have made the kick more manageable. #smh

Steve Salter (Facebook) I don’t like New Mexico hanging around. We should be up like 21-0 at halftime. Just want us to put the hammer down.

@Komoval (Twitter) #GoWyo nothing more lovely than watching the Pokes sack the opposing QB.

@bradkovach (Twitter) More like blobos amirite ppl

@Kroter24 (Twitter) God I hate our offense at the end of the first half. We never ever try to move in to scoring range!!!

@hvpoke (Twitter) Last offensive possession shows why we struggle to throw the ball. Chambers missed Gentry for big gain. Rather than give him another shot, hand it off twice and punt it away. Zero confidence. That was Chamber's best passing half this season too.

Matt Bell (Facebook) I just broke my remote! I was able to pick up the pieces and get it back together, but I figure when New Mexico comes back to tie it directly after the half, it's coming apart again.



@WhosJDray (Twitter) Thankful I’m just following the gamecast on espn and twitter. 7-0 against a TURRIBLE New Mexico team.

@YesRun_ (Twitter) That was a 7-0 half of football where the only touchdown was a QB sneak and the most exciting play was the punter jumping up to catch a high snap

Harold Kennedy (Facebook) I am still “all in” on Sean Chambers. With his youth we have so much to look forward to the next few years. Negative Nellies (Sean haters) - Go!

Karla Lynch Haddock (Facebook) When he was looking to pass and it wasn't there so he pulled it down and ran for the 1st down. As a Bronco fan, I was thinking he is a better QB than Flacco.

Aaron Wilhelm (Facebook) The several times Dave has said "he's got a wide receiver wide open!!! And he threw it over his head" are infuriating

@vinyard6565 (Twitter) This is the game none of us asked for. It's kinda been boring actually.

Chris Howe (Facebook) What the freak is with Cooper Rothe missing PATs

@Ryanm44 (Twitter) Yeah, Cooper rothe isn't right. #gowyo

David Smith (Facebook) While a lot of people are not happy with the passing game despite the fact that we are a running team in winning the biggest surprise to me is the fact that Roth has struggled all season, much bigger concern to me.

Steve Salter (Facebook) Hall has gotten worked today in secondary. Need TO



Michael Fox (Facebook) The announcers saying UNM is very much in the game Unfortunately, they are right.

Scott Dorris (Facebook) It’s ok...just keep playing tough

Joe Vincent (Facebook) I'm thinking thank God NM sucks so bad we have a chance to win without having to complete many passes...

Travis WebB (Facebook) WOW! happy to be wrong!

@westydriver86 (Twitter) That’s a play action!!!! Nice touch chambers #gowyo

Steve Salter (Facebook) How and the hell do we allow a 4 and 15 TD.

@TomMartin1118 (Twitter) Pitiful pass defense today. Hopefully we get that fixed soon.

Aaron Benson (Facebook) At the end of games we don't play to win, we play not to lose.

Dale Leischner (Facebook) Great run!

Becky Emerson (Facebook) Woo Hoo!

Brandt Tobler Get the white claws ready it’s almost party time!

Aaron Benson I couldn't have guessed that Valladay would run the ball.

RL Casper (Facebook) Passing game is very weak...rushing and d is awesome...was nice to see, the wide open pass for a TD he didn't miss that one...

Rich Moses (Facebook) Personality of this team is in full display Poke fans. Embrace it! Appreciate it! Pull hard for those young men. They're representing Poke pride for sure


All photos by DJ Johnson

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