LOGAN, Utah -- Jim Bridger's Rifle now resides on the high plains of Laramie.

If you ask Craig Bohl, that's exactly where it belongs, too.

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Wyoming's eighth-year head coach said his team finally hit its stride in a dominating 44-17 victory over Utah State Saturday night inside Maverik Stadium. This wasn't just any ol' win, either. The Cowboys were explosive on the ground, through the air, in the kicking game and finally, for the first time since Week 3, won the turnover battle.

If you don't think this one meant something to Bohl, just take a glimpse of the postgame celebration in the visiting locker room.

He wanted the Aggies to hear his team belt out "Ragtime Cowboy Joe."

Complaints were far and few between for the UW faithful -- a pleasant change -- on the world wide web during this one. So, like we did after the Border War win over Colorado State, we decided to "borrow" some rants from some very disgruntled Utah State fans.




FACEBOOK: Ron Weltmer What team is this???? Lets go!!!!

FACEBOOK: Dan Haley Love the play calling. Throwing on 1st down! Need to kick off into the endzone. Giving them great field position on those kicks. Otherwise one of the season’s best halves of football especially for the offense. There’s no quit in these guys!

FACEBOOK: Patrick Fitzgerald In 1906 Bradbury Robinson attempted the first forward pass for St Louis University starting a year where they outscored their opponents 407 - 11. 115 years later and halfway through the season Craig Bohl finally figures out that HIS offense can use this new idea of the forward pass. Congratulations Craig.

FACEBOOK: Clay Daniel Cates Great pass....our running game and passing game are complimenting each other right now and it's good to see....

FACEBOOK: Kirk Leischner Great first half, I am having fun tonight!





FACEBOOK: Jake Phillips I just want to say that these adjustments were slow coming but I’m so grateful they arrived… they DO HAVE THAT KINDA TAKENT!!

FACEBOOK: Charlie Cordova I think we found our qb. Very proud of our pokes tonight. They played with pride, they played with fire, and they showed how good they can be. Just hope we get to play in a bowl game as we are a better team than our record shows

FACEBOOK: Dan Haley Many of us fans quit on this team. But they never quit on themselves and never gave up. Proud of these young men!

FACEBOOK: Rindi Vonburg Plambeck Phenomenal win for the Pokes!! I’ll be dreaming about that 98 yard run by Swen. So proud of the team!!

FACEBOOK: Ron Besso Who we firing this week Dip s----?

FACEBOOK: Beth Austin All the screaming in this house is flipping my pups out!

FACEBOOK: Lee Webb Wyoming wearing that ass out like Walmart house shoes

FACEBOOK: Kelsey Lyn Ketelsen A complete game. This is what it looks like. Nice to see you boys doing what ya do the way we all knew you could and enjoying the hell out of it!!!

FACEBOOK: Kam Duncan Breaking News out of Utah, Police are currently searching for the UW football for assault on the Utah St Aggie football team

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For those of you not familiar with the Cowboy State, those are Wyoming's third through sixth most inhabited cities, along with the small mining town in Campbell County.

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