When Tyler Vander Waal launched the ball awkwardly across his body down field in the game's final minute, it was all over. It fell into the welcoming arms of Utah State line backer Eric Munoz, and the Pokes' possible fourth-quarter comeback died. The roller coaster of a game finally ended in an ugly 26-21 loss in Logan, Utah, against the Aggies.

The only thing more tumultuous than the turnovers and pace of this important Mountain West tilt was the roiling mixture of anger and praise on social media. Each week we collect samples from the shouting masses and assemble them here, in our Rants and Raves: Utah edition.


Corbin Stratton (Facebook) What an int that was.

Mark Hoeft (Facebook) You can not do that on the road. That comes back to bite you at the end of the game. Turnovers in the red zone, any turnover for that matter, is a killer.

Pettendi Szabó Péter (Facebook) Watching in Budapest, Hungary Europe. Go Pokes!

Cody San Miguel (Facebook) TVW looking to get replaced against Utah State for a freshman for a second year in a row, its gotta be a hidden ESPN next gen stat or something

Kelsey Lyn Ketelsen (Facebook) Tyler has some nerves going... He'll settle down though... I can feel it...

@burks_jeremy (Twitter) Vigen needs play calling duties stripped or he needs fired...... our offense is so predictable and it isn’t helping a qb who needs all the help he can get

Trent Dlugosh (Facebook) Wyoming is not going to have any offensive players left pretty soon.

@PokesThe (Twitter) ARE YOU KIDDING ME. This is looking like Air Force last year...

Sean O'Grady (Facebook) Seriously no qb sneak.

@vinyard6565 (Twitter) That was for all us complaining about the up the gut stuff. Now it just proves we can't get a yard no matter what we do.


Daphne Lukens-Reed (Facebook) We want our gun back!

Darren Thompson (Facebook) Not looking forward to losing Logan, but looking forward to following him on Sundays...

Kevin Helart
 (Facebook) Lol come on guys opening the playbook isn’t “Cowboy football” sorry just mocking what people were saying trying to defend the Boise loss last week.

Todd Larson (Facebook) Should be up at least 17-0 now. Defense keeping us in it.

Johnny Davis (Facebook) VW just throw it away! rolling out and running back 20 yards as slowly as possible is always the wrong move!

Manuel Gallegos (Facebook) Good to TVW trying to be more mobile. His accuracy is off a bit but hopefully he lights is up soon.

Craig Frederick (Facebook) We have a better chance of scoring when Utah St has the ball!

Amanda Laine Heaton (Facebook) Um what in the heck...what a dirty trash move. Nasty landing. That sucked.

Jordan Smith (Facebook) Look what happens when we put pressure on [Love]!

Brian Stokes (Facebook) I want last weeks defense back!


Junior Sanberg (Facebook) If you play a game of take a shot every time a draw play is called by Wyoming you might pass out by the second half.

Scott Dorris (Facebook) Secondary is getting worked and USU figured out how to exploit us...need some big time adjustments in the second half to have a chance...starting with the O getting some freaking points.

Kevin Bommer (Facebook) Vigen is overcompensating for 37 runs up the middle last week. What IS the game plan??

Johnny Davis (Facebook) maybe don't throw bullets at the freshman RB who is 7 feet from you.

Jordan Smith (Facebook) They didn’t call roughing earlier when the SAME EXACT THING happened to TVW

@k_bomb (Twitter) Last week Vigen outcoached himself. This week he is getting outcoached by the Aggies.

Jordan Smith (Facebook) The reality is our offense needs to step up. Our defense has been on the field wayyyy too much

Casey Dearcorn (Facebook) TVW needs to throw it even harder. He might actually knock someone out since nobody can catch his fastballs.

Scott Dorris (Facebook) The refs are bad but our offense is worse...nothing we can do but watch this skip away unless the O can get going.


Trent Dlugosh (Facebook) It's easy to blame the QB, whoever it is. I think the truth is, the entire offense is just broken. A lot of injuries and just not much imagination in the offensive game plan. It's painfully obvious the coaches have no confidence in the offense and I'm sure the players feel that. Nobody making plays on offense and the coaches not putting them in a position to make plays. I'm not saying we are LSU, but might be time to just start over on offense this off season like they did. They need a whole new approach.

Darren Thompson (Facebook) That's Tyler ..that's the game I knew he could play. Just needed a chance

Tom Cudney (Facebook) is there ANY WAY to stop these refs from F@&%€£ us right now?!?!

Trent Dlugosh (Facebook) Wow was that a huge play

Robert Daiss (Facebook) Saw that one coming from my living room....wow!

Russ Kersey (Facebook) Here ya go! Poor officials followed by poor play calling and throw in a quarterback who doesn’t know what the hell is going on. Always equals a loss! Time to take the red shirt off the freshmen quarterback and salvage the season.

Even Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl had a bad taste in his mouth after this one, and let the press know it.

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