LARAMIE -- Two squads. One team.

The University of Wyoming Spirit Squad is the team behind the team, always out supporting University of Wyoming athletics. The team is comprised of a large coed squad, a small coed squad and the beloved Pistol Pete mascot.

The team consists of over 30 diverse, skilled and passionate members who support the Wyoming football, basketball, wrestling and volleyball teams. The Spirit Squad is proud to support all home games, and select away games, by creating crowd enthusiasm and raising school spirit and loyalty to the Cowboys and Cowgirls. When not on the field or court cheering on their teams, you can find the spirit program participating in a variety of alumni, community and charitable events.

We at would like the fans to get to know the members of the Spirit Squad, so during football season our sideline photographer, DJ Johnson, will post a weekly article that highlights two members and provides in-depth coverage on what it’s like to be a member of the Spirit Squad. You will also learn personal details of what it takes to be on the squad as well as some of the members favorite things and memorable moments.

For the opening week of the 2019 football season, we introduce you to senior Taylor Ramsaur.


Name: Taylor Ramsaur
Hometown: Longmont, Colo.
Year: Senior
Major: Business Marketing

Q: What is your favorite part of being a member of the University of Wyoming’s Spirit Squad?
A: Game days! It doesn’t matter what sport; football, basketball, volleyball, or whatever it is. Being in front of that crowd and feeling the energy from the crowd is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better school to cheer for.

Q: Laramie, Wyoming is a pretty small town for a girl from Colorado. What is your favorite thing about living in Laramie?
A: The community is pretty special. As the only town in the state to have a four-year university, it’s great to feel the love from not only the city of Laramie, but the whole state of Wyoming.

Q: What has been your single most memorable experience while being a member of the Spirit Squad?
A: My best moment was at the 2017 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, when it started snowing at the end of the game. It was so special that we won, and was so awesome to see our football team progress that year and was just an overall great experience. I’d have to say that it was definitely my most favorite game that I’ve cheered.


Q: Run me through a typical football ‘game-day’ for you as a spirit squad member.
A: The entire team has to be there four hours prior to the game, so for the home-opener against Missouri, we’ll have to be there at 1:30 p.m. Once we get there, we are expected to be game ready, which means uniform on, hair and makeup done, and ready for all pregame activities. Upon arrival, the entire team starts with a warmup and then a quick uniform and makeup check, and then head off for the infamous Cowboy Walk. After that we join the UW Band for a pep rally where we get to interact with the crowd by performing routines and dancing to songs. After we lead the football players into the stadium, we then join the Pepsi Pre-Game Tailgate where we get to interact with the fans, take pictures, meet with little kids and usually perform a routine or two. From there, the team then heads back to our practice facility, where we get refreshed, perform another warmup that focuses on the larger stunting that is performed during the game. This is also our opportunity to grab something to eat before the game, as we will be inside the stadium, on the field, one hour prior to kickoff. During pregame we’ll perform again with the UW Band and perform various routines for the crowd, and once that horse runs onto the field, we’re ready to cheer the Cowboys onto victory!

Q: Before you started cheering at the University of Wyoming, did you know how to do the Cotton Eye Joe?
A: No! Not whatsoever, I had never seen that dance in my life! It’s one of the hardest dances that we have, as it doesn’t even have counts to it. When performing that song, we have to solely perform it based on the sound of the music. When learning it, it took me a solid 2-3 weeks to just even grasp the choreography. But I will say it’s such an amazing dance and so traditional, I love it!

Q: What song will instantly put you in a good mood?
A: Formation by Beyonce

Q: If I were to give you two plane tickets anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take?
A: My dad. I’d take him to London, because that’s where he grew up and he hasn’t been back since high school, and I’d love to take him back and see where he grew up.

Q: If you could go to dinner with any celebrity/athlete, who would it be and why?
A: Ellen DeGeneres. I am a huge fan and think it would be awesome to go to dinner and pick her brain – I’d be star struck!

Q: What is one thing that people may find interesting about you that most people aren’t aware of?
A: Even though I have a very confident exterior, before any stunt, before any game, I get so nervous that something could go wrong or something just won’t hit. But at the end of the day I just have to trust my skills, but I don’t think a lot of people don’t know how nervous I actually get right before a big event.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Athlete: Peyton Manning
Favorite TV Show: Project Runway
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Quote: “No one can make your feel inferior, without your consent.” -Eleanor Roosevelt
Favorite thing to wear (when not cheering): Dress
Favorite Hobby: Listening to crime podcasts
One thing I couldn’t live without: My family
Have you ever ridden a horse? Yes
Do you know who Chancey Williams is? No

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