LARAMIE -- Cody Tucker and I walked through the double doors into the highest Division-I college basketball court in the nation in early October.

The Dome of Doom.

It was UW's basketball media day, and I'd brought my lights, my camera and my microphone. We wanted to talk to the players, but I wanted Cody to ask coach Allen Edwards some questions on camera.

We didn't leave empty handed.

Transfers, injuries and empty arena seats plagued the 2018-19 Wyoming Cowboy basketball program that ended the season with only eight total victories.

But that was last year.

This fall, Pokes fans find themselves looking for signs of change, reasons to hope, and most of all, looking for answers to the questions they've had since last winter.

Questions Cody Tucker asked Allen Edwards when we were lucky enough to get him for more than 30 minutes at the end of the day.

Cody Tucker's interview with Coach Edwards:

Editor's note: Cody and I talked about how to present the footage, how to cut it up and make it into portions. But Cody realized we'd had an amazing opportunity to sit so long with the head coach of the single Division-I college basketball team in the state, and we should share exactly what we experienced. The whole thing.

So here is Cody's interview. Thirty uncut minutes of earnest conversation with University of Wyoming head coach Allen Edwards.

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