We began putting together these collections of video from important events of the week to help our readers catch up on anything they missed.

Of course, the biggest video coverage from this past week was Fennis Dembo's return to Wyoming and the Double-A to see his jersey retired. Only the second in Cowboys basketball history.

We include the polished version of Cody Tucker's lunch interview with Fennis and former team mate Sean Dent at the Library Sports Grille & Brewery in Laramie. Also, the special video we did on their signature dish, "the Dembo," the video from the actual jersey retirement ceremony and the Quick Takes from that day's basketball game against visiting New Mexico.

We also add the video clip from Roaring Repeater episode 11 wherein Cody and Kasey recount meeting Dembo at his home in San Antonio, and the interview with head coach Allen Edwards on Dembo's impact on the program.

Cody Tucker Interviews Fennis Dembo and Sean Dent:

Fennis Dembo Jersey Retirement Ceremony:

"The Dembo" at The Library Sports Grille and Brewery in Laramie:

7220sports Ticket Giveaway Winner:

Quick Takes: New Mexico at Wyoming:

Allen Edwards on Fennis Dembo:

[Clip] Roaring Repeater Episode 11 - Meeting and Honoring Fennis Dembo:

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