LARAMIE -- While the television broadcasts and the NCAA itself have done a bang up job confusing everyone about who has eligibility remaining and what actual year these players are in, we thought this would be a good time to lay it out in black and white.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCAA allowed an additional season for all FBS football players.

In other words, 2020 was a wash.

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So while the roster will tell you Wyoming linebacker Chad Muma is a senior -- the NCAA mandated to colleges that they label players what year they should be but aren't -- he isn't when it comes to football eligibility.

Though it was made public early Monday that he would be entering the 2022 NFL Draft, Muma does technically still have one additional college season available to him.

Wyoming has seven "super seniors" on its current roster. These are the players who will be suiting up one final time inside War Memorial Stadium when the Cowboys host Hawaii at 1 p.m. Saturday in Laramie:

* Garrett Crall (DE)

* Trey Smith (RB)

* Braden Smith (S)

* Logan Harris (OL)

* Alonzo Velazquez (OL)

* Esaias Gandy (S)

* Ayden Eberhardt (WR)


Here are the players on the roster who are labeled "seniors" but still have one year left:

* Xazavian Valladay (RB)

* Miles Williams (S)

* Gunner Gentry (WR)

* Keyon Blankenbaker (NB)

* Azizi Hearn (CB)

* Victor Jones (DL)

* Rudy Stofer (OL)

* Eric Abojei (OL)

* Keegan Cryder (OL)

* Ravontae Holt (DL)

* Chad Muma (LB - Declared for NFL Draft)


So, no need to freak out when the guy on television tells you Titus Swen is a junior, or that Levi Williams and Isaiah Neyor are sophomores.

In football terms, they aren't.

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The rules are simple: What was the player's impact while in Laramie? That means NFL stats, draft status or any other accolade earned outside of UW is irrelevant when it comes to this list.

This isn't a one-man job. This task called for a panel of experts. Joining 7220's Cody Tucker are Robert GagliardiJared NewlandRyan Thorburn, and Kevin McKinney.

We all compiled our own list of 50 and let computer averages do the work. Think BCS -- only we hope this catalog is fairer.

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