CHICAGO -- The Butkus Foundation announced on Monday the finalists for the 35th Annual Butkus Award, honoring the nation’s best linebackers.  A total of six collegiate finalists and five high school finalists were announced.

Wyoming’s Logan Wilson was selected as one of the six collegiate finalists.  Wilson is the only finalist from a non-Autonomous Five conference team.

"It's an indication of the development of our program," Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl said Monday. "Logan was not a heavily recruited player. He went to Natrona County High School and was a corner.

"It's good to see our guys get some national recognition. When you run with that crowd, people respect whats going on in the Mountain West Conference and at Wyoming. What's heartwarming for me is Logan's main concern is about the Cowboys."

The six collegiate finalists are:
Logan Wilson, Wyoming
Zack Baun, Wisconsin
Jordyn Brooks, Texas Tech
Micah Parsons, Penn State
Isaiah Simmons, Clemson
Evan Weaver, California

Collegiate and prep winners will be announced on or before Dec. 10.  The professional winner will be announced in early 2020.  Selection is handled by a panel of 51 coaches, recruiters, scouts and journalists who vote separately and confidentially using a 3-2-1 weighted process, with a write-in option offered. Selectors and selection criteria are posted at

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