CASPER -- Brandy Schaack knew she had something to prove, and the University of Wyoming Cowgirl showed why she was second in the nation in total points accumulated in breakaway roping this season.

The UW senior rebounded from a first-round miss with a 2-second time to win the second round of breakaway roping during slack’s second session at the College National Finals Rodeo (CNFR) in Casper.

Just like her previous attempt, the Hyannis, Neb., Cowgirl came out firing Tuesday morning.

“This feels pretty good. Sunday obviously didn’t go exactly as I wanted to, but that’s rodeo, and things happen,” Schaack says. “I knew I needed to go for the round and be fast because I missed on Sunday. I was trying to just do my thing and go with it.”

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Her personal best time so far during her two years qualifying for the CNFR added 80 points to the Cowgirls’ overall team total.

Cowgirl teammate Faith Hoffman, from Kiowa, Colo., moved into contention in breakaway roping with her best effort of the week at 2.4 seconds, tying for third best in the second round. That gave her a two-run time of 5.6 seconds, putting her fifth in the average and giving her a shot to make Saturday’s final round. Her third-round run is Thursday evening.

Other results from the UW women during Tuesday’s slack were:

-- Karson Bradley, of Big Piney, was a tad bit slower in her second barrel racing run of the week with a time of 14.42 seconds, giving her 28.76 seconds on two to keep her in the average. She is sitting ninth at the end of the second round. Her third attempt of the week is Thursday for a shot at making Saturday’s short go.

-- Hailey Hardeman, of Wilson, missed on her second breakaway roping opportunity after recording 3.5 seconds in the opening round. Hardeman is not among the four-member Cowgirls points team and qualified by being among the top three regional ropers.

-- Hoffman twice fumbled on her goat tie that cost her a possible top-10 position in the average. She managed 9.1 seconds, boosting her overall two-run time to 15.7 seconds.

-- Taylour Latham, of Roosevelt, Utah, has a shot of making the goat tying short go after moving into the overall top 11 with another steady round. The senior was a bit slower at 7 seconds, but she’s 16.4 on two. She and Hoffman recorded similar 6.6 seconds in the opening round.

Results for the UW Cowboys during Tuesday’s slack were:

-- Chadron Coffield, of Yuma, Colo., moved into contention in steer wrestling despite a slower time in the second round. The senior had a clean dismount and takedown but had trouble turning over the steer and managed to stop the clock in 9.1 seconds. That left him with a two-round time of 16.4 seconds, good for seventh in the overall average. His final bulldogging attempt is Wednesday evening.

Coffield came into the second round of tie down roping sitting 11th in the average but fell out of contention when he missed his calf earlier in the morning. Coffield came out throwing early, but his loop sailed long.

-- Seth Peterson, from Minot, N.D., rebounded from a tough steer wrestling first round with the second go’s fourth-best time when he bulldogged his steer to the ground in a fast 5.6 seconds. His two-head time of 19.2 seconds leaves him in 10th in the average. He has a shot at the finals with his third run scheduled Friday.

But, it was a tough go for Peterson earlier in the morning in tie down roping, when his rope snapped loose from the calf’s head for a no time. He recorded 10.2 seconds in the first round and was siting 10th in the average. His final rope is Thursday.

-- Donny Proffit, from Kemmerer, has been consistent throughout the week. The sophomore covered for the second time in bareback riding with 74 points. He was half a point better in the first round, giving him 148.5 points on two. His horse, Classic Frontier, jumped twice before coming out of the chute, but Proffit never let up on his form, riding the bronc out to the 8-second buzzer. He currently is 10th in the average, with his third ride coming Thursday.

-- Jase Staudt, of Nathrop, Colo., was the only Cowboy among three calf ropers to record a successful tie at 13 seconds flat in the second round. The senior was quick with his rope but struggled to bring the calf down to the arena floor in an effort to get his string around three of the calf’s legs. He missed in the first round, and his final calf roping attempt is Wednesday.

Staudt and heeler partner JC Flake, from Gillette College, redeemed themselves in team roping with a respectable 10.5-second time. Staudt managed to rope the horns, but Flake only managed to tie up one of the heels; the pair was assessed a 5-second penalty. The pair will be on hold until Friday for their last chance of gaining a short-go berth.

-- Garrett Uptain, from Craig, Colo., remained on track to reach the short go with his second straight solid ride in saddle broncs. He rode Sombrero to 71 points to give him 151 points on two. He is tied for third in the average, just six points off the leader’s pace. Uptain’s last performance is Thursday.

* University of Wyoming press release

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