CHEYENNE -- With a new season comes renewed optimism.

But, somethings are sacred.

We compiled a list of things we think most Wyoming football fans have in common. Want to add to the list? Share your thoughts on our social media sites. Are we way off? You can share that, too.

The Cowboys open the season Aug. 31 when the Missouri Tigers come to town. You might experience a few -- or all -- of these things Saturday afternoon.


25. Every time you see someone in a UW shirt you say "Go Pokes!"


24. You know the beer song and even hum it in your head throughout the year.

23. You've explained to someone that Cowboy Joe is the pony, not the mascot.

22. Just the thought of BYU or CSU sends you into a tirade.

21. You know who Mad Dog is.


20. You're always worried about the coach leaving.


19. You know what 7220 means.

18. Cowboy Ken is a household name.

17. You spend fall Saturdays cursing the play calling.

16. When the Pokes win you say "The score ... oh, the score!"


15. Obscene chants used to be part of your student-section vocabulary.

14. Your second team is now the Buffalo Bills.


13. You troll Colorado State fans. Especially the delusional ones that think a Big XII invite is a reality.

12. You still talk about the Las Vegas Bowl. After all, one million Wyoming fans were there.

11. Your blood alcohol content has reached new heights in the parking lot of The War. It goes great with the third-degree sunburn or frost bite.

10. Every time you hear "Wanted dead or alive" you crank it to 10.

9. You're still mad at the Denver Broncos for not selecting Josh Allen.

8. You have Steamboat tattooed on you 

7. You will battle anyone: Pistol Pete was ours first, not Oklahoma State


6. You have put 100,000 miles on your car and drive five hours one way for a home game

5. You're new go-to website is (shameless plug)

4. You know the truth: Nebraska would be a cow college if they didn't steal Bob Devaney.

3. You know the average age of a BYU football player is 38.

2. When you scream "Powder river!" Well, you know the rest.

1. You've held the Bronze Boot for the past three seasons. And you aren't afraid to let those people to the south know it.


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