CHEYENNE -- If you haven't been keeping up with this week, let's just say you've missed a lot.

Since last Friday night, we have put out 27 new stories. Yes, 27, in just seven days. What can we say? It's been busy.

Wyoming basketball has gotten underway. Hunter Maldonado and the Pokes knocked off Idaho State 54-40 Tuesday night at the Arena-Auditorium. The Cowgirls are also 1-0 after a thumping of Colorado Christian and the volleyball team just moved to 11-2 in Mountain West Conference play.

Oh, and there was some football news, too.

Friday night, we broke the news that Wyoming quarterback Sean Chambers would miss the rest of the season with an injury. Tyler Vander Waal will get the start under center for the Pokes Saturday night. We got his thoughts on his second chance. We chatted with now-second-string QB Levi Williams, too. Logan Wilson was named a semifinalist for the Butkus Award. He is the only player on the list who doesn't play for a Power-5 school. We chatted with Alijah Halliburton, "Mr. Safety Dance," Josiah Hall, Rome Weber, Xazavian Valladay and, of course, head coach Craig Bohl.

Lots to digest. And to think, it was the Cowboys bye week.

Follow us from Boise where we will be covering the Wyoming Cowboys against the No. 22 Broncos Saturday night. We will be pumping out stories, videos, photos and graphics until the wee hours of the morning from Albertson's Stadium.

You can also follow along with the action as it's happening on our official Twitter page.

Twitter: @7220sports
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Did you miss our 30-minute chat with Wyoming head basketball coach, Allen Edwards? How often does anyone anywhere get that much time -- on video, no less -- with a Division-I coach?

We thought we'd just let this one run basically unedited:

We also released our eighth "Roaring Repeater" podcast this week. That is now available on all platforms.

Check it out:

We have you covered when it comes to post-game press conferences, quick takes after games and one-on-one interviews. Kasey Orr, our media director, does an awesome job with these videos.

By now, most of you know my loathing (fear) of flying.

I don't know how those huge metal things fly through the sky, full of people, luggage and fuel, and don't go down more often than they do. That's my delusional thinking, anyway.

I know, I know, you are more likely to die in a car crash. I'll take my chances, though I did reluctantly fly to the San Diego State game. Hopefully that's my last flight for a while. I met my quota for the year.

Tomorrow -- actually in roughly five hours -- the 7220 team will be hitting the road to Boise for the big game. It's only 12 hours, right? That's what I keep telling myself. This got me thinking, man, we've gone to 12 different sates already. That's some serious miles in five months.

We drove to Texas State and Tulsa, plus did another trip to Texas for feature stories with Fennis Dembo, Dana Dimel and Don Clayton. We also made the trek up to Billings to chat with Mitch Donahue, and battled some crazy weather to go to the final AAF game in Salt Lake City to talk with Mike Purcell, Ryan Cummings and Dennis Erickson.

There was also the trip to Las Vegas for Mountain West Media Days in Las Vegas.

Exhausting as it all may be, what a thrill it's been to bring you Wyoming news from around the country. Truly.

Looking at analytics of this website has been a blast. Trust me, I don't take one visitor for granted. The fact that people are clicking on stories I have written never gets old. It's still surreal, honestly. And I've been writing for major outlets for 12 years.

That's a good thing.

I thought I'd share with you where most of our traffic comes from. Here are the leading states over the past 30 days:

Here is a glimpse of the leading cities and towns the past 30 days:
Rock Springs

There are a ton of UW alumni living on the Front Range of Colorado. Here's how the numbers down there shake out:
Fort Collins
Colorado Springs
Fort Morgan

This has been our best 30-day stretch to date when it comes to website views. That's exciting news in our little world. And, we like to think, that means we are gaining more and more traction with readers in our five months of existence.

Undoubtedly, that had a ton to do with the unfortunate breaking news about Wyoming's redshirt freshman quarterback.

However, with the overlap of football and basketball season, we have seen serious growth. Our hoops coverage is getting some big-time attention these past two weeks. We are thrilled to see that.

With the football team still very much in the hunt for a conference title, fans have been glued to the news coming out of the High Altitude Performance Center. We very much appreciate that and will continue to bring that each week -- at home and on the road -- with the Cowboys.

We are alive and well thanks to some great advertisers, but, obviously, we are always looking for more.

Let me rephrase that -- we need more. It's essential to what we do here. Plus, we are about as interested in charging for subscriptions as you are paying for them.

We want to promote your business. We want to get your brand to the masses. We have just the platform for that. More than 200,000 readers have checked in over the past month. Our social media following is growing daily, too.

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