One of the things I love most about watching NFL games is witnessing the great quarterbacks in action. You hear about the days of John Elway, Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, and Joe Montana. Then the era of Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, and Ben Roethlisberger.

In 2021, there is a new crop of quarterbacks that look as if they'll be the next greats in the league for a decade. Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are two of them.

Mahomes is probably the best current quarterback in the NFL today and has made it to the last two Super Bowls with one championship, and he's only started for three seasons.

On Monday, Mahomes talked about how he gets better and what he said has Buffalo Bills fans in shock. Amazement, really. It was high praise.

Mahomes said he looks at what other great QB's in the league are doing, such as Josh Allen and Aaron Rodgers, and see what they're doing to have success.

I don't know what's cooler. The fact Mahomes said Allen is a guy he looks at to have success or that he also mentioned Rodgers, who is probably one of the top 5-6 greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Josh Allen is hoping to lead the Buffalo Bills to a Super Bowl this season after losing to Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs last season in the AFC Championship game.

Mahomes and Allen are both 25 years old and will likely be facing one another for AFC supremacy over the next few years. It could be the start of another Brady vs. Manning rivalry.

It should be fun to watch.

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