LARAMIE -- Tyler Vander Waal penned an open letter last March to fans about some personal things he had been dealing with before deciding to enter the transfer portal and leave the University of Wyoming.

One of the glaring issues, the quarterback wrote, was receiving threatening, vulgar messages via social media.

One in particular, Vander Waal said, was "You f------ suck, go kill yourself."

Current UW quarterback Levi Williams sent out a Tweet late Sunday indicating that he has also been receiving "death notes."

Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl said Monday during his season-ending press conference that he wasn't aware of these messages to his players, but that didn't stop him from responding.

"I'd like to say, hey, if you want to come after somebody, come after me," a visibly upset Bohl said. "I just I'm so discouraged. That is, that is so disappointing. I know, we have a great number of fans out there. But you know, sometimes these guys forget that this is a college game.

"You know what? Go get after Josh Allen," he continued. "See how far you go. Josh wasn't perfect when he was here. And so that's where I think we've really got to be cautious ... So, that's disappointing. These guys come to this program and they're doing everything they can. It's not like Levi's out there trying to screw up. So, I was not aware of it. I'm not a social media guy. But that that really, really disappoints me. Really, just, it's discouraging."

Bohl touched on a number of subjects Monday, but circled back to his thoughts on people coming after his players online.

"What our players don't deserve is some of that jack--- who makes those kind of comments about Levi Williams," a frustrated Bohl said. "... I go knocking on that guy's door whip his butt, right now.

"That is a bunch of baloney. That just pisses me off when I heard that."

Other vulgar messages aimed at wide receiver Ayden Eberhardt and running back Trey Smith were shared on Twitter Monday. Neither contained a threat.

If you missed the interview with Vander Waal, it can be found HERE.

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