CHEYENNE -- Pride.

That's the first word that comes to mind when I see that bucking horse and rider. For a Wyoming native like me, I can spot that logo from a million miles away.


I've seen it on T-shirts in Pittsburgh, bumpers in Michigan and back windows in Texas. It's an unmistakable mark that means just one thing -- Wyoming.

It's uniquely ours.

At home, this symbol can be found everywhere.

For instance, I am sitting at my kitchen table right now writing this little article. I look out the front window to my left and there's an old, rusty red F-150 across the street. "Steamboat" is on the side window and, of course, the license plate.

I refer to it as "God's birthmark."

Call me a homer -- call me what you will -- but in my opinion, there is no better logo in all of college sports. Any sports, for that matter.

It's our identity.

Our heritage.

That logo isn't just about athletics, it embodies the untamed, never-to-be-intimidated, independent, wild, free, maybe a little crazy at times, prideful people of this great state.

Since the early 1900's, Steamboat has been proudly displayed on the uniforms of University of Wyoming Cowboy and Cowgirl athletics.

That will never change.

Keep bucking, beautiful.

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