LARAMIE -- Josiah Hall can only shake his head and smile.

When asked if he is the most hated guy in Boise, the senior captain simply says, "I guess?"

He doesn't know why? It's not like he registered the sack on Brett Rypien. He didn't cause the fumble. He didn't create the game-winning safety.

He did dance though. The infamous "safety dance" will go down in Wyoming lore. And, maybe Boise State nightmares, too. Hall said he doesn't check out social media much, so he doesn't know how much hate comes his way from Idaho.

He is still shocked that his dance went viral.


"I just remember Chase (Appleby) making a great play, honestly," Hall said. "I didn’t remember anything I did until I saw it on Twitter after the game. It was just a good time. I was super stoked for Chase and the program. I was just out there having a good time.

"I'm surprised people still remember it. It's crazy to me, for real."

So, what will it take to create another iconic moment in Boise this Saturday night?

"We got to go in there and do what we got to do," he said. "It's not going to take any super-hero effort to beat them, we just have to play our best football. If we do that, we can hang with anyone in the country."


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