RENO, Nev. – The Wyoming Cowboy Wrestling squad wrapped up their calendar year on Sunday as they competed in the Reno Tournament of Champions. It was a solid day of competition for the pokes as they crowned four individual champions and finished second as a team with 174 points,  just two points behind first place Oregon State.

"We saw a lot of improvement today and we got a lot of bonus points which was great to see. We wanted to end this semester on a positive note and that's exactly what we did." Head Wrestling Coach Mark Branch said, "I'm encouraged by how we wrestled today and I think it was a great way to end our semester."

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At 174 pounds Hayden Hastings put on a show winning his Reno TOC title in dominant fashion. Hastings rolled through the competition picking up five straight pins to make his way to the finals. This streak of pins included pinning Cael Valencia of Arizona State who bested Hastings earlier this season at the Cowboy Open.  While he didn't pin his opponent in the finals Hastings left no doubt controlling the match from start to finish and racking up over two minutes of riding time in his 7-2 victory over Casey Randles of Grandview.

Stephen Buchanan was also in impressive form on the day as he stormed his way to the 197-pound title. Buchanan picked up bonus points in every single one of his wins recording two pins, two tech. falls and a major decision. Notably, Buchanan faced Oregon State's JJ Dixon in the semifinals.  Dixon was an NCAA qualifier a year ago, but  Buchanan downed Dixon picking up a tech. fall and following that up with a major decision victory in the finals.

Jacob Wright displayed consistency and grit on his way to winning the 157 pound title. Wright controlled his opponents all day long holding two of his opponents to one point or less on his way to the finals. In the finals, Wright found himself down early and battled back taking control of the match late to ensure that he would leave Reno with first place.

At 149 pounds Jaron Jensen put together an impressive day going 5-0 with four bonus point victories for the Cowboys contributing handily in the team race. After recording a fall in the quarterfinals, Jensen posted a 15-0 tech. fall win the semifinals and with his finals opponent dropping out of the tournament due to injury, that semifinal win sealed a first-place finish and a Reno TOC title for Jensen.

Tate Samuelson (184) and Chase Zollmann (141) both made runs to the finals but came up short as each of them finished second in their respective weights. Job Greenwood (133) and Terren Swartz (285) were also place winners finishing fourth and fifth respectively.

The Cowboys will now have some time off for the holidays before they return to action on Jan. 9 traveling to Brookings, South Dakota to face South Dakota State and Northern Iowa in dual action.


125 – Darrick Stacey
Stacey (WYO) fall (2:53) Andrew Fallon (AMER)
Garrett Ricks (WWY) fall (2:11) Stacey (WYO)
Stacey (WYO) fall (6:12) Francisco Barrera (SO)
Nick Provo (UNAT) fall (2:43) Stacey (WYO)

125- Jake Svihel
Svihel (WYO) fall (6:21) Adrian Guevara (UNAT-EO)
Eddie Flores (CSUB) dec. Svihel (WYO) 9-6
Svihel (WYO) major dec. Jarett Jorgensen (ER) 10-2
Svihel (WYO) fall (4:51) Cole Jensen (WWY)
BVrendon Garcia (WYO) dec. Svihel (WYO) 4-3

125 – Brendon Garcia
Garcia (WYO) tech. fall Deven Altenburg-Lasher (PROV) 21-5
Esco Walker (GV) dec. Garcia (WYO) 5-2
Garcia (WYO) dec. Jake Svihel (WYO) 4-3
Kase Mauger (UNAT-UVU) tech. fall Garcia (WYO) 18-0

133 – Job Greenwood  - 4th
Greenwood (WYO) major dec. Zach Wright (UNAT-SFSU) 13-4
Greenwood (WYO) dec. Jack Maida (AMER) 8-2
Greenwood (WYO) dec. Carson Taylor (GV) 7-4
Greenwood (WYO) dec. Jacob Mendoza (MENLO) 6-3
No. 15 Chance Rich (CSUB) fall (3:52) Greenwood (WYO)
Jackson Disario (STAN) dec. Greenwood (WYO) 6-2

133 – Josh Kyle
Kyle (UNAT-WYO) fall (3:00) Tanner Ulrey (UMQ)
Kyle (UNAT-WYO) fall (2:16) Luis Saucedo (UNAT)
Devan Turner (ORST) major dec. Kyle (UNAT-WYO) 16-4

141- Chase Zollmann – 2nd
Zollmann (WYO) fall (2:22) Edison Alanis (CBU)
Zollmann (WYO) major dec. Stockton O'Brien (UNAT-UVU) 8-0
Zollmann (WYO) dec. No. 20 Angelo Martinoni (CSUB) 4-3
Zollmann (WYO) medical forfeit over Real Woods (STAN)
Grant Willits (ORST) fall (3:08) Zollmann (WYO)

141 – Darren Green 
Blake Gonzalez (GV) dec. Green (WYO) 3-2
Micah Worthington (CLACK)medical forfeit over Green (WYO)

149 – Jaron Jensen – 1st
Jensen (WYO) major dec. Joshua Brown (CSUB) 16-6
Jensen (WYO) major dec. Tanner Abbas (GV) 10-1
Jensen (WYO) dec. Elijah Palacio (MENLO) 6-3
Jensen (WYO) fall (5:17) Rudy Lopez (UNAT-UNC)
Jensen (WYO) tech. fall Jack Latimer (GV) 15-0
Jensen (WYO) medical forfeit over Luka Wick (UNAT-CALP)

149- Analu Benabise
Riley Gurr (ORST) major dec. Benabise (UNAT-WYO) 14-8
Benabise (UNAT-WYO) dec. Elijah Cleaver (STAN) 6-0
Benabise (UNAT-WYO) tech. fall Austin Almguer (UNAT) 20-2
Elijah Blake (UNAT-CALP) dec. Benabise (UNAT-WYO) 9-4

149 – Warren Carr
Carr (UNAT-WYO) fall (2:32) Gavin Priest (UNAT)
Chayse Lajoie (UNAT) dec. Carr (WYO) 2-0
Carr (UNAT-WYO) dec. Michael Murphy (UNAT) 3-1
Joshua Brown (CSUB) dec. Carr (UNAT-WYO) 7-5

157 – Jacob Wright – 1st
Wright (WYO) fall (5:52) Alex Ramirez (CLACK)
Wright (WYO) major dec. Giovanny Bonilla (GV) 15-6
Wright (WYO) dec. Aaron Gandara (SO) 4-0
Wright (WYO) dec. Jalin Harper (OKST) 5-1
Wright (WYO) dec. Isaiah Crosby (UNAT-ORST) 7-5

165 – Cooper Voorhees
Voorhees (WYO) dec. Max Anderson (CALP) 9-3
Cameron Pine (CLAR) dec. Voorhees (WYO) 6-4
Voorhees (WYO) dec. Collin Smith (WWY) 13-7
Voorhees (WYO) dec. Keller Rock (EMR) 7-6
James Williams (EMR) tech. fall Voorhees (WYO) 16-0

174 – Hayden Hastings – 1st
Hastings (WYO) fall (4:08) Louis Rojas (CBU)
Hastings (WYO) fall (1:08) Noah Talavera (SO)
Hastings (WYO) fall (1:41) Nakoda Siegel (MNU)
Hastings (WYO) fall (1:39) Stephen Kelle (SOEA)
Hastings (WYO) fall (2:40) Cael Valencia (UNAT-ASU)

174 - Guillermo Escobedo
Jackson Hemauer (UNC) dec. Escobedo (UNAT-WYO) 3-1
Escobedo (UNAT-WYO) major dec. Noah Talavera (SO) 13-4
Escobedo (UNAT-WYO) fall (4:32) Landen Chung (UMQ)
Gerardo Hernandez (VAN) dec. Escobedo (UNAT-WYO) 3-2

184 – Tate Samuelson – 2nd
Samuelson (WYO) major dec. Tyce Raddon (WWY) 10-2
Samuelson (WYO) fall (2:08) Riley Jarmillo (STM)
Samuelson (WYO) major dec. Hayden Schrull (PROV) 10-0
Samuelson (WYO) major dec. Gavin Sitka (OKST) 8-0
Trent Munoz (ORST) dec. Samuelson (WYO) 3-2

184 – Colby Huynh
William Kloster (UNAT-CALP) dec. Huynh (UNAT-WYO) 4-1
Jacob Hansen (CSUB) fall (0:59) Huynh (UNAT-WYO)

197 – Stephen Buchanan – 1st
Buchanan (WYO) tech. fall Liam Swanson (PROV) 22-6
Buchanan (WYO) fall (2:39) Elijah Sobas (UNAT-CBU)
Buchanan (WYO) fall (6:45) Trent Tracy (CALP)
Buchanan (WYO) tech. fall JJ Dixon (ORST) 19-3
Buchanan (WYO) major dec. Isaac Bartel (MNU) 12-4

285 – Terren Swartz – 5th
Sam Aguilar (CALP) major dec. Swartz (WYO) 12-2
Swartz (WYO) fall (1:54) Juan Perez (UMQ)
Swartz (WYO) medical forfeit over Gregory Hagan (GV)
Swartz (WYO) fall (1:10) Tommy Mommer (GV)
Swartz (WYO) major dec. Peter Ming (STAN) 14-4
Swartz (WYO) no contest over Tyler Bagoly (CLAR)
Swartz (WYO) no contest over Austin Harris (OKST)

285 – Bradley Moore
Koby Johnson (WWY) major dec. Moore (UNAT-WYO) 10-2
Jacob Vinvent (UNAT) major dec. Moore (UNAT-WYO) 11-0

Code Of The West: Wyoming State Code of Ethics

"The Code of the West" was declared the official state code of Wyoming, and the act was signed into law on March 3rd, 2010. Wyoming is the first state to adopt a code of ethics. The legislation chose ten ethics derived from the book "Cowboy Ethics" by James P. Owen

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