CHEYENNE -- Marian Orr didn't have to reach too far back in the memory bank to start spewing names like Mitch Donahue, Randy Welniak and Ryan Yarborough.

Those were just a few of Wyoming's star players when she attended UW from 1988-92.

There was a Holiday Bowl and Cooper Bowl appearance in there, too, to go along with a WAC Championship in 1988.

More importantly, according to Cheyenne's first female mayor, the Cowboys went 4-1 against Border War rival Colorado State during her years in Laramie.


Marian Orr

"I remember going to Border War games and always loved the tradition of the military, the ROTC and Bronze Boot," Orr said Tuesday afternoon. "It still kind of chokes me up today ... It's always been the biggest game. It's a big deal to raise the Bronze Boot."

Now, Orr is hoping to raise a Wyoming Cowboys flag right over city hall -- in Fort Collins. And she's delivering it herself.


Orr and the mayor of Fort Collins, Wade Troxell, have a friendly wager taking place in celebration of the 112th meeting between these two rivals.

If the Pokes can make it five straight wins over the Rams, Steamboat will be flying high down south.

If not, the flag pole outside of Cheyenne's city hall will feature some green and gold.


Wade Troxell

"I will be certain to take a picture of it down in Fort Collins. I just know we are going to win," she said. "It will be one of the fondest, most lasting memories here as I end my four years."

She sounds pretty confident, huh?

"I'm very confident," Orr added. "Craig Bohl, the team, Levi Williams, it's all good. Really good."

Orr and Troxell are good friends that just happen to love their teams, she said.

Orr's daughter, Katie Schulz, received her undergrad from UW and recently graduated from Colorado Law School.

"It could've been worse," she joked, "she could've been a Ram."

Her son Jack Schulz is a junior in Laramie.

Troxell is currently a mechanical engineering professor at CSU.

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