The Bills' Monday night game against the Bengals came to a standstill when Damar Hamlin collapsed suddenly on the field after taking an open field tack from Bengal's wide receiver Tee Higgins. At the time, it was unknown if the tackle was the source of the collapse.

At 11:48 p.m. yesterday, January 2, the Bills Mafia's official Twitter page released an update on Hamlin's condition. According to the Tweet, Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field.

Hamlin received immediate care on the field. CNN reports that Bills team trainers reached Hamlin within 10 seconds of his collapse. Hamlin received CPR on site before an ambulance transported him to the Emergency Room. He has since been transferred to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and is in stable but critical condition.

Indianapolis Colts safety Rodney McLeod Jr. told CNN, "What we saw last night was something that we've never seen before." and noted that injuries for players "are always our deepest fears."

Josh Allen, NFL Stars, & Fans React to Hamlin's Collapse

In the wake of Hamlin's collapse, an outpouring of support and love has come from his teammates, fellow NFL stars, and fans.

Fellow Bills player Josh Allen posted on Twitter requesting prayers for Hamlin.

Bills Wide Receiver Stefon Diggs has not posted to Twitter but was seen visiting Hamlin at the hospital with little fanfare or press.

And the Bills Mafia account has sent its thoughts and prayers to Hamlin, too.

Notable NFL stars, past and present, have sent their support via social media as well. Former Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow, Dolphins long snapper Blake Ferguson, current Denver QB Russell Wilson, and Kansas City's QB Patrick Mahomes have all shared heartfelt well-wishes for Damar. See posts and those of fellow players and fans below:




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