Wow, imagine having something like this in your home? What a cool piece of memorabilia to have inside your house. Right now, with this upcoming Bills season and all the hype, this football could be worth some serious money.

Josh Allen and Jim Kelly were hanging out yesterday and it looks like they were at Jim’s cabin or something but Jim gave a football that says PASSING THE TORCH to signed by Jim Kelly then it has an arrow from his signature to Josh Allen's.

Jim's wife, Jill posted the picture of the football and of the two Buffalo quarterbacks yesterday with the caption: "no caption needed!" and then to goats afterwards. The two goats represent the acronym GOAT, or greatest of all time.

Josh Allen is coming off of the best year of his career with NFL MVP runner up on his resume. There were a lot of doubters since the minute Josh Allen became a Buffalo Bill. The Bills traded up to get Allen, and since then, he has proved a lot of them wrong. A few months back before the 2021 NFL Draft, Josh Allen made a video for Trey Lance, the quarterback from North Dakota. It was an open letter to Lance to ignore all the critics:

I'm not really looking to be that poster child, or whatever," Allen said. "I'm just trying to be the best quarterback for the Bills that I can be and the best version of myself every time I step in this facility. And like I said when I got drafted, prove that this team made the right decision", according to ESPN.

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