CHEYENNE – First, you hear the faint wind chimes.

Then comes the guitar – acoustic, mainly.

Then Jon Bon Jovi launches into his 1986 hit “Wanted dead or alive.”

Here's an example from 2010:

For more than a decade, the Wyoming football team’s
introduction video has featured this song. The visuals, well, they have
changed. In the early versions, the team is shown getting pumped up in the
locker room, applying eye black, throwing shoulder pads over their heads,
taping fingers.

Some videos have shown great names from the past: former head coaches Bowden Wyatt and Bob Devaney, players like Marcus Harris and Jim Kiick.

After the video, a live shot shows the current team as they
begin to make their way toward Jonah Field. Bon Jovi still bellowing, the Cowboys
make their way past the steel statue of Steamboat, each taping it on their way

After a quick huddle, a new touch appeared last fall –
yellow smoke. Good one.

Pistol Pete and the cheer squad, accompanied by a man on a
horse, wave flags as they run through a line formed by Western Thunder, the
University of Wyoming’s marching band.

The Pokes follow, high-fiving fans near the entrance gate.

“Ragtime Cowboy Joe” blares from trumpets, tubas and saxophones.

The end.

That got me thinking – What are your thoughts on Wyoming’s
football entrance song? Video? Overall show?

Below are some of the “best entrances” in college football,
in my opinion.

Oklahoma State



Florida State

Virginia Tech

Once again, in my opinion, Wyoming has a better than decent
intro to the crowd at War Memorial Stadium. However, a little heavy metal never
hurt anyone, right? How about the Cowboys steal a little bit of something from
all of these?

The heavy metal music of Va Tech, the suffocating smoke of Miami,
the horse and rider trots out to midfield first like FSU, balloons fill the air
like Clemson and the Pokes run out from behind a chute gate, just like the
Cowboys that wear orange in Stillwater?

What kind of entrance would you like to see?

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