LARAMIE -- Sometimes you say it all without actually saying it.

Craig Bohl can be a master of that technique at times.

Wyoming's ninth-year head coach did just that Friday when discussing a two-minute drill that culminated with a John Hoyland field goal. Let's just say, at times, it wasn't all smooth sailing.

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"I'll keep some comments to myself," Bohl said during his Friday press conference in Laramie. "Because it (was) something that happened to our friends 60-some miles south of us during that time. So, I'm glad that happened in practice ... not in the game."

If we are reading through the lines here, it's safe to assume Bohl is referring to Colorado State's last-second blunder that cost the Rams a victory over Utah State last October in Logan.



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With 11 ticks remaining in regulation and CSU perched at the Aggies' 24-yard-line, all hell broke loose on the visiting sideline. Half of the offense stayed at the line of scrimmage, anticipating a spike to stop the clock. Meanwhile, half the special-teams unit flew onto the field, thinking a game-winning field goal was on the docket.

When the dust settled, a rushed Cayden Camper hooked the kick wide left. His head hit the turf. Maverik Stadium whipped into a frenzy after the improbable 26-24 win.

"They weren’t sent, but they went, and it created that confusion at the end, which is just a shame. We really got set up; it wasn’t like we weren’t set up to kick the field goal. We were set up to kick the field goal, we just didn’t strike it," CSU head coach Steve Addazio told The Coloradoan postgame. "That’s what happened at the end there. No one sent them in, but they took off on the field."

By now you know how this whole story ends. Addazio was canned after the season and Utah State went worst-to-first and claimed a Mountain West title.

"I think we've got a heck of a field-goal kicker," Bohl said, referring to Hoyland, who connected on 10-of-14 attempts last fall, with a long of 44 yards. The sophomore also booted through all 40 of his extra-point tries.

Bohl, by the way, coaches the place kickers.

Here are some other tidbits from Friday's practice on the North 40:

* Bohl fears the dog days of camp has started to set in. "I think some guys have some camp legs. I'll look at our GPS," he said. "That doesn't mean some good things didn't go on out there ... We have to learn to work through when we're fatigued and tired, especially earlier in the year, conditioning comes into play. Bohl said it was 89 degrees Friday in Laramie with a surface temperature of "145." Bohl said he anticipates similar conditions when the Cowboys' kickoff the 2022 season Aug. 27 in Champaign, Ill. "Probably what we're going to be playing in, maybe a little bit more, if anybody's from the Midwest," he said.

* The quarterback battle, according to Bohl, will be sorted out before the opener in Illinois. Andrew Peasley is the lone signal caller on this roster with any in-game experience and offensive coordinator Tim Polasek said Wednesday that the Utah State transfer is beginning to "distance himself" from the pack. Friday, Bohl said Evan Svoboda has put together back-to-back solid days under center this week, too.

* Caleb Merritt is getting reps with the first team, per Bohl. The true freshman from St. Louis has been inserted in the slot. Bohl said the receiver could be one of three rookies that see the field this fall, including nickel Malique Singleton and safety Koa McIntyre. "He's done some good things and there's some things he's still got to learn," Bohl said of Merritt. "... He's a really bright guy. People don't know or think he's a composer of music, so he's somewhat eclectic." The three-star recruit hauled in 36 passes for 536 yards and seven touchdowns as a senior at John Burroughs High School. He also returned two kickoffs for scores.

* "This is his time." Bohl is referring to 6-foot-6, 312-pound redshirt freshman, Emmanuel Pregnon. The Denver native is set to line up at left guard, replacing Eric Abojei, who is now at tackle. "We've really been pleased," Bohl continued. "I can remember watching him in a high school basketball game, and I think he weighed 235 pounds. He went after the game and he flew over to I don't know what country over East Africa. We signed him over there at the US embassy, and he's 315 pounds. He throws up all kinds of weight in the weight room. He's smart. He's a really good player. It will be fun to see him play this year."

* Bohl said he was impressed with the interior defensive front Friday, led by Cole Godbout.

* A number of receivers, including Gunner Gentry, Bohl said, made contested catches in practice Friday. That's exactly what the head coach is looking for, particularly when it comes to the redshirt junior, who missed the entire 2021 campaign with a torn patellar tendon in his knee.

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