LARAMIE -- Sean Chambers and Levi Williams are battling it out for the starting job under center this fall.

In Saturday's scrimmage, the Cowboys' second of training camp, Craig Bohl said he is looking for those guys to simply "play football."

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Yes, those two guys mentioned above are the front runners at that position. Gavin Beerup, Hank Gibbs and Jayden Clemons are signal callers, too.

What Wyoming's head coach is getting at is he wants someone to control the offense, make the right reads and deliver the ball on target, among many, many other responsibilities.

As UW's new offensive coordinator Tim Polasek likes to put it, the staff is looking for a "CEO."

"When I say that, (I mean) for them not to have coach Polasek standing right beside them and be able to operate a huddle, look at the clock and make sure they're managing that," Bohl said. "There's just a different human element when you're out there on your own."

Bohl said he was pleased with his QB's in last Saturday's scrimmage, but tomorrow, he's looking for more.

"This will be important to take another step forward," he said.

Here's what else Bohl had to say after Friday's practice in Laramie:

* Bohl was asked if he is seeing "iron sharpening iron," especially on the line of scrimmage where both sides feature plenty of veterans and experience in the trenches. "It's interesting, through the years that I've coached, sometimes you'll have two really good players -- two guys I can remember both played a long time in the NFL -- went everyday hard against one another and never got in a fight. That's kind of how it's been. That doesn't mean they're not competitive, but they understand what it's about now."


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* Speaking of brawls. Joint team practices in the NFL have created a buzz this week thanks to a rash of fighting between teams. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden kicked his team off the field earlier in the week after a tussle broke out between his Las Vegas squad and the Los Angeles Rams. Does Bohl see that with his squad? "I did earlier (in my career)," he said. "Our perspective is that you're out here to play football, fight. Some of the friends that I have the NFL, like Andy Reid, they just don't tolerate it ... Some guys think that's all macho, but coach (Tom Osborne) was really a great mentor for me. We were very competitive, but we just haven't had that."

* Bohl said the Cowboys didn't suffer any "injuries of note" during Friday's practice. Big Horn's Will Pelissier, the wide receiver that snagged four catches for 70 yards and a touchdown in the spring game, "tweaked his back," per Bohl.

* Don't expect the Cowboys to have another 126-play scrimmage on Saturday, according to Bohl. He said Thursday that younger players will be under evaluation, and he wants the veterans to get used to playing inside War Memorial Stadium with referees and coaches in the press box.

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