It's been a long, roller-coaster regular season for the Wyoming Cowboys, and the fans have ridden through every up and down. Not, of course, without their rants and raves. We collected this week's edition from across social media, as we rode the final reeling nose dive in Colorado Springs in the 20-6 loss to the Air Force Falcons.

With the game streaming on Facebook, fans from both sides ended up in the same comment thread. That, as one might imagine, was ugly on top of the usual spit and fire. Especially with the deflating outcome for Wyoming fans.

Not scoring a touchdown in four quarters would make anybody crazy.


Matt Norby (Facebook) Happy howdy doody flyboy day.

Bryce Abel (Facebook) Wyoming should do like BSU and get mustard colored turf to camo those mustard colored uniforms. Would be an eyesore to opposing teams too.

Ronald L. Sapp (Facebook) It pains me to say, but my confidence in Vander very weak.

Baylan Reid Hefferman (Facebook) Those cut blocks need to be eradicated from football... It is BS and cheap

Ronald L. Sapp (Facebook) That Drive took a ton of calories out of our D.

Alex Duvall (Facebook) CHOP BLOCKS AHOY!

Daniel Whelchel (Facebook) Triple option offense is so boring to watch. Has to be frustrating for defense also.

Kyle Adema (Facebook) Air Force has the best uniforms in all of sports. This isn’t an opinion, this is a fact.

Jonah Ward (Facebook) Y’all should respect Air Force geez. They protect your country andddd are better at football

Brandon Goens (Facebook) I guess there’s still a little Dave Christiansen in some of my fellow pokes fans. Remember last year guys.


Jared Carter (Twitter) My goodness. Air Force took the meat grinder out that series. Puts the pressure on the O to get points this one coming up.

Paul Ogle (Facebook) Run up the middle, run up the middle, pass.

Zack Coombs (Facebook) Wyoming must have too much Turkey yesterday.

Cody San Miguel (Facebook) Be cool if we stopped playing Vander Waal. getting kinda tired of seeing him run BACKWARDS when under pressure when the pressure is coming from the outside. This kid aint it

Jordan Smith (Facebook) Now do something on offense please.

Cory Dziowgo (Facebook) Today is Logan Wilson’s father’s Bday. Just saying. Happy Birthday Trevor! #WYOVSAF

Travis WebB (Facebook) does Vigen have a job....

Shea Foster (Facebook) Come on Vigen you knew they were going to blitz that’s the time for a screen, flip your 3x5 index card over

Jonathan Mize (Facebook) this season started so promising and then just went down the sh***r

William Dickson Donehue (Facebook) Enjoyed going to WYO as a cadet. Nicest fans I've ever met. Would like to see that reflected here, too.

Dustin Merritt (Facebook) No rant needed. Picture says it all. Knee drive from behind. Classic AFA. (photo below)


Lizabeth Kidd (Facebook) I don't know we will see about next half am a branch af cadet but my wyo pride runs way deeper in my veins.


Scott Swenson (Facebook) The Levi Williams hit earlier reminded me of the Chambers hit last year. QB down on his knees, and gets pummeled by a couple Zoomies while down.

@wyobbfan307 (Twitter) We kept them to 7. They had the ball pretty much all half and only have 7. Gonna be a battle in the second half; gotta figure out a way to get their offense off the field...

Andrew Bercich (Facebook) Holy smokes, look what happens when you run outside. Must have been an intern calling that play.

Brett Larson (Facebook) See Vanderwall is absolutely trash looks like a sixth grader playing. Keep Levi in at least he can throw a pass.

John Rando (Facebook) Can we just take Vander Won't out for the rest of the game and just go with Levi? TVW is just a momentum killer...

Scott Wilcox (Facebook) Wyoming's offense needs to pull their heads out!

Nick Kudolla (Facebook) Wyoming has a good team. Might win more games if they scored more touchdowns and allowed less points.

Jerry Feather (Facebook) Love both Teams, Born in Cheyenne & have AF season tickets tough to watch but Great!


Tony Marlatt (Facebook) Another shoulda coulda woulda season. I still think the future is bright.. to many injuries at crucial positions.. Go Pokes

Travis WebB (Facebook) Horrible game. I think it’s great we are bowl eligible, but it is obvious that we have a massive deficit on the offensive side of the ball. We are going to get our tails kicked in our bowl game if it isn’t fixed.

Jared Joseph Sanchez (Facebook) That's a good Air Force team, best I have seen in years. Surprised they lost to Boise

Sharon Stuck (Facebook) Still proud of the Pokes , they are my team win or lose

Christopher McAtee (Facebook) As long as Vigen is the OC, this will be our ceiling, and at some point point the defense is going to get sick of carrying the team only to be criticized in the post game pressers.

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