LARAMIE -- With just over two minutes left in regulation and the visitors threatening once again, Wyoming fans started making their way to the exits.

Some fans.

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A fourth straight third-down pick up was just too much to stomach. The Cowboys trailed Appalachian State by just five, but it felt much more lopsided than that. Plus, aside from a 75-yard touchdown run by Harrison Waylee, there wasn't much belief that this offense could muster up another scoring drive anyway.

Some of you didn't believe.

Frank Crum and the Cowboys say they did.

"If you don't believe, for us, we're out there and we're going to finish until the end regardless of the score," Wyoming's left tackle said after the improbable 22-19 victory, aided by a blocked field-goal attempt that was returned for a touchdown. "So, for the fans, I hope you're not as fair weather and that you believe in us because we believe in ourselves and the state that's behind us. So, I hope that means something to people."

What did Easton Gibbs think about the quick exit to the parking lot?

"Go Pokes," he said with a smile.

Here's what fans from around the globe had to say about this one on social media Saturday night:








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