The Boise State Broncos returned to War Memorial Stadium Saturday night, although it may not have fit the picture fans had been looking forward to for the past year. Limited attendance left only 2,978 bodies in seats instead of the crowd of 22,271 who showed up on 2018. No tailgating. A frigid mid-December day for a regular-season game.

But for all that was strange and uncertain about this Cowboys season or its final game, some things come regular as clockwork.

Like the posts and comments on social media. They started with the same steady stream of reminders that Boise is, indeed, not a state.

Then, like clockwork, they ended with the all-too-familiar chorus of fans laying the game and season on their favorite scapegoat.

It was painfully cold in Laramie Saturday night, but it didn't come close to the temperature on social media as the game wore on and the season ran out for Wyoming.

Did you make it on our final rants and raves of the 2020 season?

First Quarter

Garret VonKrosigk (Facebook) Boise’s not a state!

Mike Todd (Facebook) Let’s Go Pokes...great start!

Taylor Green (Facebook) What a great way to start off the night!

Brett Patterson (Facebook) It's hard to be successful when you run such a one sided offense so predictable it's not even funny.

Second Quarter

Aaron Benson (Facebook) Man, we can not keep on trading touchdowns for field goals.

Garret VonKrosigk (Facebook) Did we just call a timeout on a punt? Now I’ve seen it all

DJ @chipjoneserson (Twitter) 3rd and 11, let's trick them and go with the qb keeper :)

Guy Hale (Facebook) And ANOTHER bonehead penalty. We can't do this and have a chance y'all!

Thor Stephenson Jr. (Facebook) What the [expletive]!

Kirk Leischner (Facebook) To be within one score at half we have at least a shot.

Stephen Specht (Facebook) Go to Beerup.

Third Quarter

Carlos Martinez (Facebook) I don't understand why we don't have any passing plays that utilize our tall TEs.

Jon Scott (Facebook) Way over his head, bad call.

Fourth Quarter

Rodney Abel (Facebook) Take the kid out, fight another day.

Kirk Leischner (Facebook) Defense has kept us in the game. Offense has been dismal, I think Levi is hurting.

Shawn Vincent (Facebook) Why the hell not play Beerup? Levi has been hot flaming garbage. Like almost as bad as Vigen's coaching. Which is also hot flaming garbage. Starting to question how Bohl can allow this complete shit show on offense.

Beth Texaco (Facebook) C'mon red shoe!!!

Eric Magnuson (Facebook) Fire Vigen.

John Rando (Facebook) The defense played with heart. When you hold a team like BSU under 300 yds of offense and force two turnovers, you should win...but not if your offense doesn't even get 150 yds and settles for three FGs. The OC has got to go...but what do I know, I don't even coach little league...

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