LARAMIE -- Who saw that one coming?

A week after the Cowboys hammered Utah State 44-17 last Saturday in Logan, this happens.

This is a 38-14 setback at the hands of visiting Hawaii.

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"As well as what we played last week against Utah State, I think you can take 180 degrees different," Craig Bohl said. "We played that poorly today."

That is very true. The fans took notice, too. Here are some rants and raves from the UW faithful Saturday afternoon:



Facebook: Neil Gesuero Hawaii is dominating at every phase of the game, save for WYO's one TD drive. Listless, lifeless, unfocused, uninspired, ill prepared, poorly coached. Bowl game?

Facebook: Bob Thorne Sure glad I didn’t drive to Laramie. This team has some serious problems. How can you develop a fan base with play like this. Sad.

Facebook: James Hardee Jeez. I thought the UNM game was bad. This was really unexpected. I fear a bowl game might be out of reach

Facebook: Jim Gilbert I have been a pokes fan for over 50 years and never ever seen them play this bad the coaching staff knew that we could not run against this team so why are they still running I've supported this staff for all 8 seasons but it's time for a change

Facebook: Kaye Cox We all know we have the talent on this team to beat anyone. This rests 100% on coaching and preparation!




Facebook: Curtis L Moore Sorry been drinking and I say the same thing every time, but really schedule was laid out perfect. I really felt like it was going to be a 9 win season. I’m honesty shocked

Facebook: Daniel Borkowski To play and beat Utah St. last week and to play so poorly today is a COACHING issue. What a shame

Facebook: Mikey Dunn Once again, we are regressing. We had a Charmin soft schedule, and we still finish 6-6? We got outcoached in almost outing. Is it time for us to move on from Bohl?

Facebook: Ann Jordan When Bohl did his interview after the game he did not seem to be upset about a pathetic performance by the players or coaches. Maybe he is getting too old and set in his ways that he just can't get out of his own way and make changes. Maybe it is time for a complete overhaul starting with Burman and all the coaches.

Facebook: Dewayne Mundell What gets me is look at the NFL players we have out there now and that team with Allen barely broke 500. They have good facilities, NFL day, etc. should be making a run at conference by now. 6 and 6 is pathetic.

Facebook: Dick Vasey No way, 10 quarters without a touchdown. Bottom of their conference, 2 horrible home loses. What would attract someone to watch us play in a really bad bowl.

Facebook: James Padget Amen! Book closed on this year. BUT, I want to see Bohl back. I still believe he is a good coach and good for Wyoming. Just think this should be a huge wake up call for him that maybe it’s time to adapt with the game.

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