After speculation, cancelation, and reinstatement of the football season, many fans didn't know if they'd see a home opener at War Memorial Stadium in 2020.

Boy did they, and you know they were vocal about it on social media.

With 281 rushing yards from the offense, and some nail-biting stops punctuated by five sacks on the defense, the Cowboys held the lead throughout their matchup with the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors on a chilly Friday night.

Just because the Pokes held the lead doesn't mean they always held the advantage, and plenty of fans had heated thoughts to share throughout the game. Let's see who made it into this week-two rants and raves.

First Quarter

Ron Smith (Facebook) I Heard because of COVID they only let 7,000 fans in the game. They should at least let 7,220 fans in the game!

Steve Salter (Facebook) Hell of a drive and we got the running game going early. Now defense needs to play a hell of a lot better than last week

Marci Mahoney (Facebook) The red shoe is back and looking good

Marci Mahoney (Facebook) Hawaii has to be freeeeeeezing! 7220 feet at night in October

Al Bundy​ (YouTube) Hawaii offense is confused and disoriented up to this point.

Second Quarter

Don DoDat​ (YouTube) Both these teams have no offense.

Ryan Carpenter (Facebook) The Pokes line is bigger but the HI defense is giving them all they can handle. Solid start for Valladay and Williams is playing decent.

Daniel Borkowski (Facebook) O line needs to step it up. 69 is lazy! Crum is a beast!!

Trent Brightly (Facebook) Play call is not the best right now

Marianne Scotty Cochran (Facebook) Coming away with no points on our long drive is unacceptable!

Third Quarter

Rick Peart (Facebook) I love Bohl but failure to recognize horrible play calling ultimately falls on you. How is he ok with Vigen? It's evident he actually supports it or he would change it. So frustrating.

Jackson N Renee Stewart (Facebook) The announcers even know what’s coming on over half of our plays. Vigen only has one play and one formation when we have 2-4 yards to go.

Lori Eastman (Facebook) So my sports app had Hawaii by 3, but I think this is just becoming an old-fashioned ass whoopin'...and I like it!

Fourth Quarter

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