LARAMIE -- The press conference after the Wyoming Cowboys’ 21-16 win over the Idaho Vandals was short.

Very short, and tense.

It may have been because the Pokes were favored to win by more than 27 points. It may have been that after all the promises of picking up the passing game, the team only took 12 shots in the air, completing just four.

Let's just say Wyoming fans were a tad on edge during this one.


Bradley Foster (Facebook) Let Chambers throw the ball!

@westydriver86 (Twitter) Thanks @espn for providing a little better coverage this week. Dear lord it sounds like a game again. #gowyo

@clytanic13 (Twitter) The ineptitude of a decent play call is as aggravating as young children. The last 4 run plays each had 9 in the box

@cjfranc81 (Twitter) 3rd and 10 and no blitz because rushing 4 has been so successful this season.

Shea Foster (Facebook)  This is pretty pathetic effort. Are we gonna let Vigen use more than 4 plays a game? What happened to invoking the TEs more.

Darcy McGinn Limón (Facebook) Damn Cowboys, they are out playing you. Get your finger out

@307RicoShea (Twitter) We are losing to a team who barely beat a D2 team and lost 79-7.

Chris Howe (Facebook) Good, they scored. Now we can start playing well.

Mark Hockaday (Facebook) 802 miles and finally here for some Wyoming football!

George Muersch (Facebook) Chambers needs to take a little off that 120 mph fast ball

Bill Simco (Facebook) Those misses are going to haunt us         

@mattgarseeya (Twitter) So far, there has been a pretty steady regression in execution and intensity since week one for Wyoming. Been outplayed through most of the first quarter.

@Finnegan_Murphy (Twitter) Brutal first half. Offense looks terrible inside the 30. Conservative calling and poor tackling. #GoWyo #OneWyoming

@Kroter24 (Twitter) At what point do you put in TVW? At least for a couple of series. Chambers will eventually be fine but he needs to let the game slow down for him right now.


Amanda Laine Heaton (Facebook) Well. Hopefully we make the necessary adjustments after a really “Eh” 1st quarter. Let’s go Pokes!!

Kelly Souther (Facebook) Yikes. Maybe we got to be down two scores every week to motivate the troops.

Toni Sweet (Facebook) My goodness, these Pokes make me stress drink.

Justin Bonomo (Facebook) If this is our offense, were in trouble!!

Robe Lubnau (Facebook) Yea, Wyoming looks like Crap. What are we sleeping today?

Darcy McGinn Limón (Facebook) Good show Rocket

@FakeWYOHoops (Twitter) I remember fans wanting TVW benched last year. Just relax and let the game play out. Lol

@j_carter307 (Twitter) I don’t know if I’m more impressed with that drive or @ghaugii7 (Gordie Haug) mustache....

@jparadise69 (Twitter) If they can figure out how to play like this for four quarters, it could really be something special!

Raymond Stawowy (Facebook) Going to come back and try to get Sean to pass?

Guy Hale (Facebook) My wife was in the bathroom for the 1st TD. I'm asking her to go back there every time we're in the red zone from here on out. 

Michael Fox (Facebook) When Wyoming played in the Sun Bowl in 1967, my mother was fixing sandwiches when the Cowboys scored their first TD against Florida State. My Dad insisted that she stay there making sandwiches the whole game.....whatever works!

Darcy McGinn Limón (Facebook) It appears all our opponents have a tape of UW blocking schemes from the Mizzou game


Neil Blake Hokanson (Facebook) Run that ball and burn that clock and SCORE! Defense is welcome to put points on the board too...

@GravesTea (Twitter) Chambers just needs a little touch. Hopefully that develops sooner than later

@Abercich (Twitter) Really tired of this. Where was the play calling we saw against Mizzou?

Ken Hess (Facebook) Are we as good as Mizzou or as bad as Idaho? Which is it?

George Muersch (Facebook) If we can get Chambers to take a little mustard off that 120mph fastball and gain a little touch we will be awesome. Otherwise it will be 8 and 10 people in the box to stop the run every game. They need to hire someone to work with this kid specifically on his mechanics cause he is a great athlete.

Mel Huskey (Facebook) It would help if the receivers would catch the ball

Kirk Leischner (Facebook) Pressure on the defense once again,

Bill Simco (Facebook) We are in trouble folks

@tillitthurts (Twitter) Dear lord, we can’t lose to Idaho

Robert Mills (Facebook) Did we prepare for this game? Predictable offense, defense on the field a lot...

Mark England (Facebook) If you want to compete with the big boys, you have to play like one of the big boys! Penn State beat this team by over 70 points. And here it’s a 1 point game?

@Komoval (Twitter) So very close but drops are really hurting Wyo ... sheesh!

@westydriver86 (Twitter) Killing them with kindness. #gowyo


Michael R Neumann (Facebook) 5-6 dropped balls in last 2 series...

@Kroter24 (Twitter) It is almost unbearable to watch.

@D_Whelchel (Twitter) I don’t even know what to say. This is horrible.

Don Smith (Facebook) This is painful.

Brett Jaeger (Facebook) Sometimes it feels like Logan Wilson is keeping us alive right now

@jparadise69 (Twitter) They may squeak out a win, but the way they are playing is completely unsustainable.

Jeromy Moffat (Facebook) We were favored by 27.5 in this game 

Tom Cudney (Facebook) I am in disbelief that we are allowing IDAHO to stay in this game........ If we don’t get some OFFENSE soon and stop relying on our DEFENSE to bail us out every game, we are going to be in big trouble the rest of this season....

Eric Cantlin (Facebook) That's Great, But only gave the "D" about a 5 minute rest!!!!

Banquiao Marie (Facebook) Yes yes yes yes go pokes

Tom Cudney (Facebook) I only feel slightly better about that... lol!

Kelly Rutz (Facebook) That's how it's done !!

@ConservativeHic (Twitter) They shouldn’t have even been there. The unsportsmanlike penalty was stupid. Never seen Bohl that mad before.

Kelly Souther (Facebook) Holy hell. We are beating ourselves.

Jeromy Moffat (Facebook) Hell of a job secondary

Michael R Neumann (Facebook) whewww!

@Evan307208 (Twitter) $20 says Bohl is going to blame missed plays on D and penalties for today's performance, and completely ignore the lack of production on offense during post game presser...

Dustin Merritt (Facebook) Some of you are acting surprised. Some of us have been saying this all year and have gotten vilified

@D_Whelchel (Twitter) Handing them this game. If they score that’s it. It’s clear we cannot put points in the board offensively so that would be game. Good lord.

John Hunter (Facebook) That sack was huge

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