CHAMPAIGN, Ill., -- Same song, different verse.

That was the theme of a fanbase that went from apathetic to apoplectic in a matter of three hours and 31 minutes, the official game time of Wyoming's lopsided 38-6 setback Saturday in the season opener at Illinois.

This one was as ugly as the score would suggest.

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Andrew Peasley's debut was a forgettable one as he completed just 5-of-20 attempts for 30 yards and an interception. The fans aren't necessarily showering the blame on the Utah State transfer, though he did accept any and all responsibility during his postgame press conference.

The Cowboys, yet again, appear to be lacking in the passing-game department. That's putting it mildly. You noticed, and your tweets and posts are loud and clear.

Here's this week's edition of rants & raves:



Jim Blonigen (Facebook) I think the time to be safe is done let’s be dangerous and push the envelope

Brad W. Willford (Facebook) Rough start but you know a Bohl coaches Cowboy team won’t give up.

Michael Fox (Facebook) Peasley looking okay. Has had several passes that should have been caught and looks like he’ll be an efficient runner. We need to get the passing game working though.

Aaron Wilhelm (Facebook) Im so tired of getting myself hyped for this every year only to be sad right away

Stephanie Hewitt Bowen (Facebook) Boring…..gonna be a long season. Can’t wait for bball to start.

Kristin McLean (Facebook) I just don’t understand how our offense can be so bad year after year and nothing changes! So frustrating!!!!!

Donna Silbaugh (Facebook) Good heavens people. Thanks to the portal we lost players and are starting over!! There is work to be done but having a game like this is best experience. Shows what needs done. !! GO Pokes

Daniel Whelchel (Facebook) It’s a Bohl problem. Has been always will be. It took the best player in the NFL to make this offense look decent. I’m not sure why anybody is even shocked. This is Craig Bohl football. It’s every single year.





Richard Oien (Facebook) Well. I have been begging for a new coach for 3 years. People here tell me to shut up. Once you accept mediocrity….mediocrity is what you get. Let the attacks begin

Zak Fitzcharles (Facebook) I’m the fan that thinks(hopes) we will win every game before the season. Now I think we will win the rest of the games. Optimism is the medical term. That being said…. Wow that was utterly terrible

Christian Lasher (Facebook) I publicly apologize to Brent Vigen…again.

Kitty Kiesel (Facebook) Come on guys what is your problem. We have a very young team. Give them a break. GO COWBOYS

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