When your team takes the field against an opponent sitting on the longest standing losing streak in the nation, fans wouldn't expect to be sick with anger and grief when the clock winds down.

But one look at Facebook and Twitter in the aftermath of the Cowboys 17-16 loss against a displaced New Mexico team finds exactly that. It's hard to blame them when even the players have a bad taste in their mouths.

"I'm disgusted with myself right now," Trey Smith said in the post-game press conference, blaming himself for a goal-line fumble late in the fourth quarter.

"Mad, frustrated, sad and disappointed," Garrett Crall described his feelings after the loss.

We ask to hear your rants along with your raves, and plenty can be found in this week's edition.

First Quarter

James Neill (Facebook) How do you not score a touchdown there??? Run the ball...I know Valladay is[n't] in the lineup, but run the damn ball!

Aaron Wilhelm (Facebook) What is it about New Mexico that makes Wyoming go to sleep against the run?

Garret VonKrosigk (Facebook) Looks like with Williams our receivers are gonna have to either get taller or faster haha

Lori Eastman (Facebook) Another turnover - this time we need to make the most of it.

Jackson N Renee Stewart (Facebook) Feels like 2016 and we’re just guessing on where they’re gonna run it on us next.

Second Quarter

Eric Cantlin (Facebook) D needs to tighten up, 124 yards to 23 not good !!

Scott Dorris (Facebook) 2 yards!!!! C’mon!

Western Slope Poke @clytanic13 (Twitter) What the holy [expletive] was that play calling?

Guy Hale (Facebook) About damn time!

Sean Dunn (Facebook) If I can guess the offensive calls, pretty sure Rocky can! FFS!

Travis WebB (Facebook) HOLY CRAP! IT NEVER TOUCHED THE GROUND! That is bananas!

Third Quarter

Bruce Pivic (Facebook) Bohl is getting out coached by Rocky long and Vegan needs to be replaced. Horrible offense.

Andrew Fleming (Facebook) This is pitiful.

Dan Haley (Facebook) Frustrating game to watch. Wyoming is getting pushed around by a team that hasn’t won since the Obama administration, practices in a parking garage, works out in a hotel ballroom and is on its 5th string QB — some guy who probably won a contest to suit up this afternoon as he was playing craps and eating a 99 cent shrimp cocktail.

Fourth Quarter

Michael Fox (Facebook) Come on D????

Jon Scott (Facebook) Need a game ending drive, points and clock.

Austin Carmen (Facebook) Anyone think we stand a chance against Boise?

Billie Anderson (Facebook) This game blows.

Randy Weber (Facebook) Good night Cowboys.

Beth Texaco (Facebook) I’m not giving up CMON POKES!!!!!!!


Amanda Laine Heaton (Facebook) I feel bad for Beerup. What a time to get tossed in the game.

Mikey Dunn (Facebook) Disgusting. Changes need to be made. This is the same, crappy offense we've seen for the past four years.

Kevin Baldwin (Facebook) The worst loss Bohl has had as head coach. Just a terrible performance.

Shawn Craig (Facebook) Someone should lose their job over this piss poor showing!!!

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