LARAMIE -- Fans, players and alumni from around the country sounded off online during the Cowboys stunning 37-31 upset victory over Missouri Saturday night at War Memorial Stadium. In this weekly feature, rounds up the ebbs, flows and emotions of the Wyoming fan base ...



Brett Jaeger (Facebook) It may be 1:30 in the morning but we're out here supporting the Cowboys from Pforzheim, Germany! Go Pokes!!

Travis Webb (Facebook) Somebody tell our defense, that, it is ok to play defense...

Daniel Whelchel (Facebook) This might be horrifying

@wyobbfan307 (Twitter) Hope they get their jitters out and that was just one of those “first drive of the year” things.

Tyler Trowbridge (Facebook) Looking scary so far. 

@vinyard6565 (Twitter) Ah, 2 series into the season, against an SEC team we've got a 1% chance of beating, and Conservative Craig Bohl has shown his face

Brett Jaeger (Facebook) Kelly Bryant is too dangerous on his feet. I'd like to see our defense be a little more cautious with the Mizzou read-options and keep Bryant in the pocket

Kelly Souther (Facebook) Could be a long night but its early. Crowd needs to be in it.

@heypublius (Twitter) Don’t worry. Have em right where we want!

@JarodAntonovich (Twitter) At this point anyone who has watched any film on wyoming knows the play sequence



Matt Cox (Facebook) Chambers understands that the QB position throws the ball, right? Wild Thing.

@tttgowyo (Twitter) Oh that hurt. I just pulled something.... also that hurt our chances.


@F100boy (Twitter) ….no booing now! =)

Brandon Goens (Facebook) 61 Yards To The House!

Matthew James (Facebook) Wow... what a second quarter turn around. Will take 17-14, but should be 21-14! Go Pokes!

@wyobbfan307 (Twitter) The “crap” no-fumble call...

@j_saverine (Twitter) Have yourself a day CJ Coldon!

@qb_university (Twitter) Chambers w/ a 75yd Td run for Wyoming against of the QBs I was looking forward to keeping up with in 2019

@YesRun_ (Twitter) There is 100% voodoo in the air at 7220 tonight




@BAnthony14 (Twitter) Gotta lot of football left but stoked at the grit the Pokes are playing with.

Matthew P Pacheco (Facebook) This could be an even bigger lead. Now need to keep playing hard and not try to coast to the finish.

Manuel Gallegos (Facebook) You can tell they are young but a lot of these players have had some good game reps, and they have practiced with some of the best.

Sean Murray (Facebook) Pokes have some toughness this year

@307RicoShea (Twitter) We have to sustain a drive and end their hopes. You have to beat them now

Brett Jaeger (Facebook) Kelly Bryant is so obviously talented but hes made some absolutely terrible decisions!

Gary Waxler (Facebook) My wife says I can stop cussing at the TV now. Dork Refs and announcers.



@Finnegan_Murphy (Twitter) Chambers’ passing is a ton improved this season.

Justin Scott (Facebook) We are beating the refs and Missouri.

@Komoval (Twitter) Mizzou is making it a game ... don't like that!

@esterbrook38 (Twitter) Chambers saved disaster by snagging that high snap

@wyobbfan307 (Twitter) Legit going hoarse from yelling

Chad D. Decastro (Facebook) Omg i have never seen us like this . GO WYO

Reno Shaft (Facebook) Did everyone go to bed? Lol. Helluva statement Pokes! We are proud of you

Amanda Laine Heaton (Facebook) Well that was anything but boring! Great season opener.



Ronald L. Sapp (Facebook) Never so proud of the POKES !, Man it was 14 to Zip in no time, being mauled by the Tigers...But, hold on ! the Pokes Defense, came alive, and so many good things became of it. Our Pass D...Great and often left receivers wide open for their fine passer, (over 400+ yrds-Argh). But, it was a stunning turnabout, and just was so thrilled to see the ending, and the Brown and Gold flood the Gridiron ...What a thrill.

Kam Duncan (Facebook) Man I have to say waking up this morning, I still can't believe what happend last night in Laramie Wyoming, that might have been one of the greatest games that I have been to since I can remember, the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic, I have never felt that kind of energy at the War before. I do have to say there is something about this Pokes team already that I saw last night against Mizzou that has me already pretty excited about the upcoming season. But other then that what a game last night, all who went to the game I hope it was a great experience and those who watched on a TV screen I hope the same, so again, what a win by our Pokes last night lets keep it going.

Freddy Walk (Facebook) How about Coach Bohl in the middle of the game in the second quarter jogging down to the end zone to hug and give his condolences to the family of Moi Moi!!! We got a good one Pokes Nation!!! Bigger than football!!! 

Jeff Bugher (Facebook) The strength and conditioning coach deserves a game ball. Also, shoutout to the new defensive coordinator!

Michael Lansing (Facebook) What an ending. Most exciting game yet. So glad to share it w my son.

Ron Ketelsen (Facebook) Coincidence? I think not....Trailing 14-0, Wyoming honored the family of Naphtali Moi Moi between quarters with a standing ovation against this backdrop. Coach Bohl embraced the family in the end zone. Ten minutes later the rainbow was gone as was Missouri’s lead.

Eric Ogle (Facebook) Don't say I didnt tell you so.....but guess what I told you so. Those guys on the field put their heart and pride into that game last night. Wyoming will be one of the best teams in the nation by the end of this year and I really do think that we can run the table. We are definitely going bowling, but I would love to see us in a New Year's 6 bowl game.

Jamie Kuper (Facebook) And on this day, the Mizzou players, coaches and fans woke hoping that last night was just a nightmare. They were sad to find that indeed it was not. The "powder puff" or "charmen soft" team, as referred to in media, they played last night was more than they could handle. They weren't prepared for War at 7220. They may have won the first battle but the good ol' Cowboys rode hard and won the war. Don't underestimate the power of Bohl and his Cowboys next time.

Richard Oien (Facebook) Great job Wyoming, Boise St, Nevada, San Jose St, San Diego St, UNLV, Air Force and New Mexico. And great efforts from Utah St and Fresno St. All these teams earned our conference respect. As far as CSU....don’t worry CSU fans....we had ZERO expectations.

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