Wyoming fan Stephen Anderson lead the litany of shock and grief on social media, and said it all in six letters. Three plays into the game, Sean Chambers is entangled in a rush of defenders, goes down, and does not get up. Pokes fans everywhere were stunned as Chambers left the field on a cart.

The rest of social media soon echoed Anderson's sentiments.

The game wasn't over, however. A rollercoaster followed as the Pokes dug themselves into, and climbed back out of, a deep hole, and headed into overtime.

On this edition of rants and raves, we found out how Wyoming fans really felt during the Nevada game Oct. 24.

First Quarter

Stephen Anderson (Facebook) Nooooo!



Tom Stephanie Rhodes (Facebook) New offensive and defensive coordinators are needed - bad rehire on defense

Andy Gardner (Facebook) Please tighten up the coverage too! 10-15 yard cushion not working!

Second Quarter

Steve Salter (Facebook) Just pulling it out of our butts with a second turnover...

Tom Stephanie Rhodes (Facebook) The bubble has popped.

Travis WebB (Facebook) Cool. Looks like we aren’t trying to win the game...

Ronald Hochstatter (Facebook) A third grader could successful predict our offensive play calls

James Padget (Facebook) Not a fan of the 1st half. We are lucky this game isn’t over already. I expected better and am pissed that it appears I once again drank the Kool Aid. Hope they show me who this team really is in the 2nd half.

Third Quarter

Tyrell Denniston (Facbooks) Where is the physical style of football we are used to seeing? We look soft.

Steve Salter (Facebook) How did the back judge not call that a pick?!

Ron Behnke (Facebook) The ball never hit the ground so how can you call that incomplete?

Eric Cantlin (Facebook) How in the H++l was that not an Interception!!!!!!!!

Xavier Padilla (Facebook) The defense is so sloppy needs a lot of work

Fourth Quarter

BK Heuer (Facebook) Ok I am eating my negative words impressive drives. Way to go Pokes! Keep it up.

Martin Stover (Facebook) Honestly what does this say about this Cowboys team? No quit all grit for the win!

Brett Jaeger (Facebook) The young qb is trying to do it all himself. trust your teammates..

Chuck Abrahamson (Facebook) Damn punter just won the game for Nevada!!

JT Tolman (Facebook) New punt return please.

Aaron Whatley (Facebook) Red right shoes around Laramie next week


Carlos Martinez (Facebook) Typical Vigen play calling

Martin Stover (Facebook) REDSHOE!!!!

Kelsey Lyn Ketelsen (Facebook) Redshoe!!!!!!!!!

Kenny Ainsworth (Facebook) Good comeback. Gutless play calling in the first half killed us.

Guy Hale (Facebook) We had several opportunities to do better, but the refs not calling holding during the OT series is what have them the time to make those passes. It was blatant.

Scott Dorris (Facebook) But hey...at least there’s football again.

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